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The 3M hooks work only if your curtain is light enough not to pull them off the wall. And remember that you'll have to patch and repaint where the hooks rip the paint off as well. The paint finish on my apt walls is raised like flat stucko, so the sticky side on the back of the hooks don't adhere to my walls at all. If the landlord is that jerky - rest assured, he'll keep your security deposit for repairs if you choose to leave any mark on the wall. The only option you have in order to keep the walls clear is to try to find a small tension shower rod to place inside the window frame, if possible, and hope it is sturdy enough to support a curtain.

How to Hang Curtains Without Making Holes in the Wall?
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1/5/13 06:28 PM

The hanging strips sound great but only work for a few short weeks, before the item on the wall falls to the ground and breaks. Anything heavier or more valuable than a piece of notebook paper would not be advised. Works well for a paper thin child's drawing, but not meant for picture frames or anything valuable, as they advertise.

How To: Hang a Frame Without Leaving a Mark
Command Picture Hanging Strips by 3M

1/5/13 06:18 PM