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Am slowly (rapidly) losing my mind trying to clear out the kitchen cupboards. Anyone want to play expiry-date roulette? I give you: one tin of John McCann Irish Oats - due to expire in .... 2006! Oh, God; it's worse than I thought....

Day 8: Weekend Chores - Flowers, Kitchen Cleaning & Make Yourself a Meal Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/11/13 02:24 PM

First-time Cure attempt going on here - am finding the comments every bit as helpful as the assignments. What an amazing community.

Thanks for helping me realize I'm not alone on this (cluttered) path. And big thanks to the cure colleagues below, whose posts now sit at the top of my (cluttered) master list of tasks. You're reminding me every day that a good laugh helps keep the (clutter) despair at bay:

'Wow. That was depressing. Now just shopping for a new house...' - mwinfield

'Just walked around the house with son. His list basically says more lego for each room.' - Umi Sushi

'I suspect with a four year old and a slob of a husband, I may be expecting too much. :/' - Liminality

I put flowers in my bathroom, because I spend a lot of time in there and they make me happy in the morning. Besides, my dining room table is covered with piles of crap. - inchbranch

Keep 'em coming!

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