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Huh, call me uninformed but I've never had a soft boiled egg because I always just assumed they were too soft to peel (hence all those little egg cups you see) and were way to fussy. I actually can't wait to try this because I love the portable convenience of a hard boiled egg, but have always preferred my egg yolk on the softer side. Thanks so much for this!

How To Boil Eggs Perfectly Every Time Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/15/14 10:14 AM

How can you store the leftover syrup? Mason jar in the fridge? Can it sit in the pantry because of the sugar content? Thanks!

Old-School Recipe: Make Your Own Strawberry Milk!
4/11/14 03:28 PM

Wow, way to be a Debbie-downer!! I think most people are willing to INVEST money in things that are high quality, which Le Creuset typically is. PLUS, they never actually said it was a cast iron mixing bowl. You should smile more, maybe it would cheer you up ;)

Meet Your New Favorite Kitchen Tool: The Le CreusAid Stand Mixer
4/2/14 09:25 AM

You guys are so mean! I just got soooo excited for a second :(

Good one though ;)

Meet Your New Favorite Kitchen Tool: The Le CreusAid Stand Mixer
4/1/14 10:44 AM

HA! I just mixed greek yogurt with peanut butter last night because I'm moving and it was the only thing in the house that wasn't packed up yet. I thought it was a weird combo, but apparently it's pretty popular! I agree with the comment above that a banana would be an awesome addition to this. Thanks for reposting this so many years later!

Afternoon Snack: Yogurt Swirled with Peanut Butter, Honey, and Graham Crackers Snack Ideas from The Kitchn
3/28/14 10:21 AM

My boyfriend and I have just lately gotten into real (aka loose leaf) teas and there really is no going back. The flavors are so much more complex and you get to flex your creative muscles mixing blends of things that you like.

I didn't know the tip about the second steep having to be longer. It makes sense, and I'll have to try it. The little infuser/pot (IngenuiTEA from Adagio...AMAZING!) that we use doesn't hold enough water for 2 travel mugs so I always have to do a double brew in the morning.

How To Brew Black Tea Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/25/14 03:14 PM

So I was going to ask about using this trick for pie crust, and then I saw a few comments referencing it. Does anyone have a recipe or link for incorporating this method into a pie crust?

A No-Fuss Method for Tender & Flaky Biscuits Every Time Tips from The Kitchn
3/24/14 09:44 AM

I have a label in gmail for recipes. When I find something online I want to keep for later, I email myself a copy of the link and in the subject line I type a quick description of what the recipe is. Then you can use gmail search terms to find recipes like what you want.

Let's say your label is called "Recipes" and you want to find a chicken recipe for tonight. You can type "chicken in:Recipes" in the gmail search line and it will find all of the emails you labeled recipes that contain the word chicken. It's worked pretty well for me so far.

What's the Best Way to Organize Recipe I Find Online? Good Questions
3/11/14 09:10 AM

I usually choose the relatively healthy option for breakfast and with decent variety, but it's always from a starbucks or the cafeteria at work... So it's not REALLY that healthy. I just want to get into a better habit of making our breakfasts at home so I know what's going into them, and can do a better job with portion control.

Using my SMART goal setting techniques ( ;) ) my goal will be to prepare at least 2 breakfasts per week for my boyfriend and I to take to work in the morning. Whether I make them the night before, or whip up something quick in the morning it's still better.

Day 2: Ask Yourself 3 Questions About Your Breakfast Habits The Cooking Cure Spring 2014
3/4/14 08:23 AM

I'm going to be trying this tomorrow with brown rice... Has anyone tried that and have any tips on how much longer it will take and/or how much more liquid to have on hand?

Recipe: Baked Mushroom Risotto with Caramelized Onions
2/27/14 09:21 AM

Being a 3+ hour drive away from my family, I'm always in charge of bringing cheeses for snacking while the main meal is being prepared. You can find a handful of really nice cheeses, olives, crackers, and you can even find some pre-made jams that you can pile into a bag and set up on a plate when you get there.

Ideas for Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Dishes That Travel Well? Good Questions
11/13/13 09:21 AM

Help! I need to do double duty in my oven... any thoughts on how well this would work if I had to decrease the temperature to 325? Would it not cook all the way through and be un-usable or would it just not be quite as caramelized?

Technique: Pumpkin Puree
10/23/13 11:59 AM

Ok I have tried to make tomato soup several times and I always have the same problem... It never actually tastes like tomatoes! It always ends up tasking like oniony (and carrot-y depending on the recipe) soup with a tiny bit of tomato acidity. I'm thinking this has to do with what my concept of a "medium" onion is given the massive size of onions in standard supermarkets. In my head a medium onion is one that is about the size of my fist, but that still seems like too much when compared to a single 28 oz. can of tomatoes.

Am I using too much onion? Are the tomatoes I'm using too bland? Thoughts?

Recipe: Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup Recipes from The Kitchn
10/10/13 12:05 PM

So I realize that this post is old and I may not get a response, but I've found myself with a LOT of peaches from a friend's tree, and I don't particularly want to take the time to fully construct a pie.

I remember as a child having a particular crumble style fruit dessert that had almost a soft, baked oatmeal cakey topping as opposed to a crispy, crumbly one. I'm sure this was the result of a poorly executed crumble, but I LOVED it and haven't had the same reaction to crispier recipes that I've eaten since.

Does anyone have a recipe that would potentially recreate this combo crumble/cobbler topping that I can try?


How To Make a Fruit Crumble with Any Kind of Fruit Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
9/3/13 11:02 AM

I totally agree on all of these! My one note on knives though, go to a store and actually feel them before you buy.

I am a very petite woman with small hands and although I would have loved to own Wusthof knives, the handles were too big and the knives themselves were too heavy. I found that Global (a Japanese company) makes spectacular knives of similar quality, but they tend to be smaller and lighter.

Splurge on the tools you use most often AND that will actually work for you. :)

The One Kitchen Item Worth Splurging On Reader Intelligence Report
2/21/13 01:58 PM

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe! I always hated that weird tangy taste that snickerdoodles usually have, but these are warm an cinnamon-y and delicious without that weird tangy flavor. I just pulled the last dozen out of the oven and I've already eaten 2...

Recipe: Super-Soft Snickerdoodle Cookies
1/4/13 10:32 PM