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Well it's 8.00 PM in London and I have just finished hoovering and mopping and I'm so tired. I'm not a flower person or a mopping person but it's been done and done and it does make a difference to a room

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1/5/14 03:12 PM

Well well Saturday is very light cleaning seeing as my cleaner does it during the week, food shopping , laundry and ironing, bake cookies/ cake and looking after my elderly mother.
Sunday is relaxing and going out to do some shopping and eating out unless it raining outsid in which case I'll stay home

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1/5/14 10:00 AM

I so ready for this 2014 January cure, 2 time the charm one thinks.
I'm even doing it at work

The First Step: Create a Project List The January Cure: Assignment #1
1/2/14 02:04 PM

I agree with Leonroi I live in London and the only way I get to sleep is with noise and light being in the countryside or somewhere quite takes me longer to sleep and gives me a headache

What Helps You Sleep?
3/22/13 07:19 PM