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I read certain books to a soundtrack. I read Sabriel by Garth Nix when I was really into Gregorian chant as a general soothing listen. When I went to pick up his next book Lirael, I found that my brain automatically associated the music with the series, and I missed it. Now whenever I revisit the Abhorsen trilogy the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos get played on my ipod. (Tangent: My 11th grade math teacher played the Kill Bill soundtrack for 9 weeks straight during work periods, so I had to go buy it for myself at home. Great soundtrack) Classical or new age music nearly always works for my favorite genres-- historical fiction and fantasy. I'm also really big on audiobooks, and soundtracks don't go with those.

Do Your Books Come With a Soundtrack?
1/4/13 11:25 AM

My favs are musical soundtracks-- anything from Jesus Christ Superstar (The Indigo Girls and friends version) and Rent to Little Shop of Horrors and Buffy's Once More with Feeling. I love singing along, and they keep me in an energy-filled state.

Do You Clean to an Embarrassing Soundtrack?
1/4/13 11:16 AM