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For music festivals--similar to road trips in that we had no fridge and wanted to avoid pricey junk food concession stands--we usually subsist on string cheese and hard boiled eggs stashed in the cooler for the first day or two, then PBJs for the last couple of days. And granola bars, fresh fruit, and Costco's trail mix (the one with almonds, cashews, and M&Ms--the best!) for snacks. Oh, and brownies... but you probably wouldn't want the brownies we had if you're driving long distances ;)

What Are Some Easy, Healthy Meals I Can Make and Eat on a Road Trip? Good Questions
4/11/14 11:43 AM

Any kind of green salad, minestrone, smoothies.

I second guacamole, for sure.

The Dishes I Never Order Out Because They're Better at Home
4/11/14 11:29 AM

The list of tips and Martha Stewart's recipe that Kate included at the end of this post are EXCELLENT. They are my go-to for this style cheesecake. I am making one for my family's Christmas centerpiece dessert this year, but I love the idea of making them as gifts ahead of time.

My Father's Make-Ahead Holiday Gift: Cheesecake, New York-Style
12/10/13 12:26 PM

My mom is big into tradition with Thanksgiving. The key to introducing new dishes has been to innovate on the margins (which is something I learned about studying public education reform in grad school!).

Since I'm a good cook, I've been able to create more room for experimentation over the last few years. Just as long as no one is touching the turkey, stuffing, or ham!

The Thanksgiving Nudge: How to Convince Traditionalists to Try Something New?
11/13/13 01:08 PM

I love cauliflower, and I mostly love this roundup of recipes.

However, I have to argue with the title of this post. Cauliflower is up there, but *eggs* are far and away the #1 most magical food on the planet.

12 Things That Prove Cauliflower Is the Most Magical Food on the Planet
11/13/13 12:59 PM

Slice very thinly cross-wise (1/4 - 1/8 inch), drizzle/mix with olive oil, salt, cracked pepper, spread in a single layer and slow roast them in a 300 oven for about 30 min, until they start to brown and caramelize. The result is sweet, almost buttery, more flavorful than you ever thought zucchini could be, and incredible--by far my new favorite way to eat zucchini.

I also bet these slow-roasted zucchinis would make an excellent spread pureed with roasted garlic.

You can make a ton at a time and just keep them in the fridge for several days to throw in pasta, omelettes, salads, crostinis, soups, etc. I usually end up eating most of them right out of the fridge, cold, like chips, because they're that good.

10 Things to Do with Zucchini When You've Lost All Hope Recipes from The Kitchn
9/10/13 11:25 AM

Holy cow. I just made this and it was possibly the best dessert I've ever made (and I've made some killer desserts, including some pretty good cheesecakes).

These tips were super helpful and gave me my first cheesecake that didn't crack. A couple of things I did slightly differently:

- Used ginger snaps for the crust. Great flavor! My crust was also a bit thinner than the pics above because I wanted a higher cheesecake : crust ratio.
- Water pan instead of water bath (I'm paranoid about leaks into the springform pan) in a pyrex on the bottom rack of the oven while the cheesecake baked in the middle rack. I didn't feel like boiling water, so I just put hot tap water into the pyrex and put it in the oven about 10 min before the cheesecake went in.

How To Make Cheesecake That Will Amaze Your Friends
8/22/13 11:11 AM

It seems like some of you are literally talking about reciprocating hosting dinner parties and others are projecting dinner-party-reciprocation onto broader views on the give and take of friendship.

5 Ways to Be a Great Dinner Guest
8/21/13 03:12 PM

Nice old-school suitcases! (The two under the window. They're dope!)

Laken's Dorm Room Redo: Before Photos
8/21/13 02:29 PM

I heat up the sugar, oil, and kernels together at the beginning, rather than heating the oil separately. I also like to salt at the end-- easier to salt to taste that way. But the salt has to go on right when the popcorn comes off the stove so it will stick to the kernels.

I also use olive oil. I prefer it because it has a higher smoke point than vegetable oil (I think) so the sugar and corn don't burn as quickly. And it gives the kettle corn a nice complexity.

To be honest, I prefer my homemade kettle corn over the farmer's market version!

How To Make Kettle Corn at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
8/5/13 04:56 PM

I always mix in grated parm by hand after I've mixed my other pesto ingredients. Then, if I'm not eating it right away, I add a thin layer of EVOO at the top to help keep the greens from oxidizing and turning brown.

I LOVE arugula pesto, but usually omit the cheese and add lots of lemon. Divine!

I've made basic mint pesto (mint, garlic, walnuts, olive oil, S&P), but I bet it would be delicious with pine nuts and maybe even a touch of honey. And then on top of some grilled lamb!

How to Make Perfect Pesto Every Time Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/29/13 01:59 PM

use it for anything you'd use sugar in!

- honey caramels
- on anything dairy
- i've never actually seen this, but i would probably take a stab at honey ice cream

What Are Some Great Recipes with Honey? Good Questions
7/26/13 03:31 PM

Yeah, they're called "garden eggs" in Nigeria, too.

Here's one way it's prepared in Naija:

The maggi cube is kind of like a chicken bullion cube, and groundnut is the same as peanuts.

Serve with rice and fried sweet plantains!

What Can I Make With African Eggplant? Good Questions
7/26/13 03:23 PM

wow, this is so inspiring! i haven't found such great buys within my price range. especially those eames chairs!!!

You Paid WHAT for That? More Stories of Amazing Secondhand Finds
7/25/13 05:51 PM

nice! i love the wall color.

if you want a bit of extra drama, adding some dark gray or slate (similar to the wall color) floor-length curtains to those windows could really make the windows pop, and add some continuity between the accent wall and the rest of the walls.

i kinda dig that floor lamp! it looks cool in white, but it would look really dope with a gold or brassy finish!

Before & After: Bonnie's \"Hers to Theirs\" Bold Bedroom Glidden® Paint's Boldest Before & Afters
7/25/13 05:40 PM

I LOVE stormy night! It's neutral but deep and bold. I'd find it very relaxing in a bedroom. Both that and blue-gray slate would look great with white contrast molding on the floors, windows, etc.

You may want to consider painting your bedroom furniture so they look good against your new wall color. Plus, monochromatic BR furniture can really tie a room together!

Before: Bonnie's Bedroom Needs a Bold Makeover Glidden® Paint's Boldest Before and Afters
7/23/13 08:57 AM

1. To echo the sentiments of the previous 150+ commenters, WOW. This is a beautiful space, Sofia! And seeing how you transformed it from the "before" state... It is stunning.

2. Quit your day job!

3. Your backyard is gorgeous and those menus on your various chalkboards sound divine... Can I come over for dinner al fresco??

Sofia’s DIY Garden Apartment in Brooklyn House Tour
7/21/13 11:02 AM

My (southern) grandma made incredible--and slightly sweet--chicken salad. She used finely diced walnuts, green apples, sweet relish, and mayo (real mayo, not miracle whip). I imagine a southern recipe for tuna salad would be similar, but she never made tuna salad.

How Do I Make This Slightly Sweet, Southern-Style Tunafish Salad? Good Questions
7/18/13 07:45 PM

While I agree that the design and furnishing of this space is outside of most of ATers' (and the general populace's) budget, I took away some great design inspiration from this house tour! It's incredible how the determined use of white and light colors brightened a naturally dark apartment. I love the all white BR and the layered rugs. And I had no idea you can bleach floors. (Won't be happening in my rental, but may be good to know someday.)

Anne & Richard's Loving Renovation House Tour
7/18/13 01:59 PM

Daily meds by the toothbrush! That's (I hope) one thing that everyone is 100% certain they'll do every day.

I think this list boils down to: have a place for everything and make sure you keep it there.

Also, co-sign emptying change into a jar. Loose change is annoying. But saving change doesn't quite give you the buying power it used to. Although saving quarters (I separate mine out like a couple of the commenters above) means that I don't have to go get quarters when it's laundry time.

15 Crazy Ideas to Make Your Life Saner
7/16/13 11:01 AM