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This is exactly the idea that's been stewing in my brain all week as I embark on making new throw pillow covers. I love how embroidery has taken a leap into the contemporary world.

Modern Crafting: DIY Geometric Embroidery Snowed In Magazine
1/16/13 09:00 PM

Love the practicality of his statement. That's something I'm struggling with at the moment with my teeny corner of creative space - finding a way to make it work for both creative life and daily life. My storage space for materials is in another room, so I feel like I'm constantly shuffling stuff back and forth. It's also nice to know that others are in the same predicament :)

\"You Always Need a Wall\": Distilling a Home Down to the Essentials
1/9/13 03:07 PM

Thank you for posting your all-white inspirations! I have been fixating on white for a few weeks now. I just love how whatever bits of colour you add to a white room just POP and add some fun. White with natural wood? Come to mama.

Embracing White in the New Year
1/3/13 12:54 PM