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First off, this is probably my favorite Tour ever. Second, those 2 Elbow Chairs in the kitchen area have the puffiest padded seats I ever saw! I NEED them! But where? I'm sure they're prolly vintage but does anyone know where i can find ones like that??? Pretty please?

Alan's Retreat In The Hills House Tour
1/23/13 01:52 PM

Um, they go with nothing I have but I need those stools.

Black & Gold: Bar Stools, Dresser & Rug The Wednesday AFTERNOON Scavenger
1/23/13 01:06 PM

Well my project is painting a big chunk of the apartment, so that's scheduled for early next week...but we have done about a dozen other projects, no exaggeration! We purged/organized all the kitchen cabinets and drawers, gutted the office, I re-did my shoe mini-closet (the outbox got fed with about 8 pairs of shoes that had to be ripped from my hands) etc. So we've probably been doing too much so far! I'm starting to feel the burn-out and the month is only half over.

But today I plan on taking our before photos of the living room and main bathroom and make plans for all the furniture that will need to be moved for the painting. I painted a large swatch of the new paint color - Ben Moore Galapagos Turquoise - on a piece of foam core and hung it on the wall so it can sink in (Apartment Therapy trick! Thank you!)

Day 10: Work on Your Goal Project Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/15/13 11:00 AM

I didn't get my email today either (neither did my spouse) and I nearly had a freak out! I can't do this alone Apartment Therapy! But I used my noggin and just checked out the site, so it's ok....I survived. ;)

Off to buy some flowers and even a quart of paint or 2 to do some early swatch testing :)

Day 3: Weekend Chores - Flowers, Floors, Green Cleaners & Outbox Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/4/13 02:22 PM

Thanks Jess L and Drops of Jupiter also! I really was having a tantrum over this last night...and today's Outbox project didn't go much better! In order to put what I wanted to in the Outbox (and old set of dishes) I had to clean all of the new dishes, clean out the cabinet they are to live in, and then wrap every single one of the old dishes up in paper! Why did I choose this as my one outbox item?!

But I'm starting to see the motivation taking shape. And like you said, it's clearly going to suck because for some reason I/We are just terrible at this. No wonder the place so overwhelming in the first place! But then it will be so good!

Day 1: Make a List of Projects Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/3/13 07:46 PM

@Belinda H

Thank you! I definitely didn't look at it like that and I actually feel a lot better!

Day 1: Make a List of Projects Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/3/13 07:42 PM

That was truly the most miserable experience. My man and I fought through the whole thing (we took a legit 1.5 hour break in the middle of the list-making where we were "not speaking to each other" before we pseudo-apologized and continued.) There are over 40 items on this horrible list and most of them are really big things i.e, guest bedroom: clean everything or kitchen: purge and reorganize every single cabinet/drawer. I guess all this pain and suffering really just showcases how much we really need to do this.

Shame is, we hope to be leaving our rental in about a it seems a little pointless - but we've definitely reached the point where it's not harmonious and even a little embarrassing, so it needs to be done.

I know, I know "DON'T STRESS!" should be my mantra right now, but I'm straight up stressed :(

Day 1: Make a List of Projects Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/3/13 12:20 AM