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The table looks great, not that easy to make. You can easily find the right lengths of threaded black or galvanized pipe at Home Depot or Lowes. The difficulty comes when you start the assembly, most all pipe you purchase you turn the pipe to the right to screw it into a fitting, if the fitting on the other end is stationary, it is impossible to tighten both sides. When you tighten on side it loosens the other side. If you has a reverse thread on the other end of the pipe the problem is solved. This allows you to tighten both fitting, one on each side of the pipe by turning the pipe in one direction. To get your pipe threaded this way you will need to go to pipe fabricator, Lowes and Home Depot do not have the capability to reverse thread pipe. Substantial cost increase to have all the pipe threaded this way. As said above in previous comment, re think your design so you can use off the shelf threaded pipe and tighten every joint.

Look! Desks and Furniture Designed from Plumbing Pipes
12/31/12 05:37 PM