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I ended purchasing several roles a few weeks ago to decorate a nursery.
I hate to say it, but my experience was very much the same as you describe: Tempaper smells, and basically looks like dot-matrix printed, shiny vinyl. I don't think that a comparison to wallpaper is justified, simply because it really is more glossy and plastic-feeling than any wallpaper.

I spent several frustrating hours trying to get the alignment right (the elephants I had for the nursery required me to waste about a foot each time to ensure proper alignment). In the end, I really can't say I am happy with the results. While I appreciate that this could be useful for renters, I would suggest that unless you like gloss and the smell of vinyl, you're better off just painting or getting permission to use genuine wallpaper.

The best part of this product is that is comes off. But then, after doing my entire room, waiting a few days and still being so disappointed by the look and the small air bubbles, and the glossy, plastic texture, I spent an afternoon ripping it all off and throwing it out, I was a bit frustrated that it cost as much as it did especially since I ended up throwing it all out...

Product Review: Tempaper Temporary Wallpaper
12/30/12 03:28 PM