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You did great.

Before & After: A Stylish Bathroom Transformation
11/22/13 09:21 PM

The yellow orange room is fabulous.

Enter Now! The 2013 Room for Color Contest
8/29/13 05:14 PM

NY is not snobby. At all. Not where I live anyway, West Village.

Do You Live In One of America's Snobbiest Cities? (Spoiler: Probably) Travel & Leisure
7/1/13 06:05 PM

Agreeing with paulasimone, the problem is the upper cabinets. Simple shelving, possibly reclaimed wood would look fantastic.

Can I Paint My Black Granite Countertop? Good Questions
6/26/13 08:14 PM

Light to medium grey with purple undertones.

Bedroom Color Choice to Go with Brick? Good Questions
5/29/13 07:57 AM

"Pet food" is the worst thing you could feed your pets.

Feeding Table Scraps to Animals: Some Dos and Don'ts
5/29/13 07:52 AM

Perfect & the first pic is my favorite too.

Adam's Comfort & Warmth Small Cool Contest
5/24/13 01:04 PM

mmmc, I have Fermob chairs & they're not rickety at all.

Small Space Outdoors: 10 Bistro Sets
4/23/13 07:58 AM

annie.42 It's exactly that (& environmentally unfriendly).

Win: Keurig Vue® V700 Brewer! Thursday Giveaway
4/14/13 09:19 AM

Not understanding the reason for this.. how long does it take to make a ponytail? (Like 3 seconds?)

How Daddy Does Hair: How To Hairstyle With a Vacuum
4/11/13 06:32 PM

#'s 1 and 2 look ridiculous.

Daring Decor: Graffiti Walls
3/27/13 08:14 AM


Cristian's Open Floor Plan in Bucharest House Call
3/19/13 09:08 PM

Found (property?) for my son.

Are You Owed a Rent Deposit, Refund, or Paycheck? Here's How to Check
3/14/13 11:24 PM

One of my favorites, "worn in" to perfection.

Matt & Andy's More Perfect (Eclectic-Modern) Union House Tour
3/9/13 04:30 PM

It's stunning. Overhead cabinets are over-rated.

Before & After: Andrew's Long Time Coming Bungalow Kitchen Update
3/8/13 10:00 PM

Natural linen.

Curtain Ideas to Complement Bedding? Good Questions
2/28/13 07:08 PM

We slid down the stairs too but without cardboard or mattresses. On our butts, so much fun.

A DIY Stairway Slide The Contemplative Creative
2/23/13 02:59 PM

Scott Vineberg

Lisa & Scott's Industrial Barbara Bestor Home in TopangaHouse Tour
2/21/13 12:20 PM

#1 and 2 are way too dark. Most of the others are beautiful.

The Power of a Painting Project:
Bold & Beautiful Black Walls

2/21/13 10:14 AM

The whole room! The black looks great in your bedroom.

The Power of a Painting Project:
Bold & Beautiful Black Walls

2/21/13 10:13 AM