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I haven't used an alarm in years and usually am up between 4:30 and 5:00, even on weekends or non work days.

Wake up
Check resting heart rate
Go to the bathroom
Step on the scales
Feed the cats
Make a cup or tea or mocha
Check email
Read the paper

So I definitely ease into the day.

Morning Routine: What's the First Thing You Do When You Wake Up?
10/23/13 08:43 AM

Sounds tempting, and really needed, but finding an hour a day for the next two weeks would be next to impossible. It's going to be extremely busy at work so I'll be working very long hours. Maybe I'll just follow along and take notes and start after 10/15.

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9/26/13 12:21 PM

We usually have enough in the pantry to put a meal together when we get home. I'm also one that make sure there are fresh linens on the bed and towels in the bath. Another biggie for me (if we aren't driving) is to fill the gas tank on the car before leaving, so I don't come home needing to get gas,

The Nicest Thing You Can Do for Yourself Before Leaving on a Trip
6/6/13 08:20 AM

I am going to clean and clear my kitchen counters. There will be many items going to the outbox and others I will need to find new homes for, either in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house.

Day 5: Select One Project from Your List to Complete this Month Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/8/13 01:33 PM

I just got home from work so will start my list later this evening. I have limited time in January, so am planning to focus on my kitchen this month. I know my list will include decluttering the counters, purging excess cleaning materials and cleaning the coils on the refrigerator. I also need to glue down some edges of shelf paper and paint and paper the lower cupboards. I'm also pretty sure there will be other things that surface as I go around the room.

Liveblogging Day 1: Tara's List Liveblogging the January Cure
1/2/13 09:45 PM

January isn't the best month for me, but I'm in anyway. My space needs some serious decluttering and cleaning.

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