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It's difficult without exact measurements, but I love the idea of SophieRose, to put the bed in the big closet on the left. Instead of the door it would be better to use curtains if needed. And maybe you put in some mural/photo wallpaper to create a depth effect, like here
About the bikes: Would there be enough space for the bikes at the lounge?
You will find many inspirations for smallspace apartments in the www. Very inspiring to me is: Laura Cattanos small space apartment at

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10/8/13 10:21 AM

Who needs this question? Using gendered descriptors for rooms is too simple and not significant. The female room-examples in this post are all romantic, traditional - nothing modern, moddy (boudoir) or scandinavian. But is romantic the only synonym for female aesthetic?.....Is this a contemporary female association? Quite conservative.

His and Hers: Analyzing \"Masculine\" and \"Feminine\" Decor
10/6/13 01:39 PM

My parents have their Ikea kitchen for more than 30 years now. 10 years ago, they changed the doors and installed a custom made stainless steel countertop to create a modern industrial look. The kitchen looks perfect.

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10/3/13 06:53 AM

Very nice and cozy!. And I love the pipe-shelf!

Tricia's \"Cozy Plum\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/26/13 06:05 AM

Some very nice pieces of furniture, definitely. I like the kitchen best, it has really a personal touch. But the overall impression of the apartment is very artificial, a cold and strict installation. Her boyfriend was only allowed to bring a duffle bag and his TV when he moved in...

Monique Lavie's Minimal and Modern House Tour
9/24/13 05:17 AM

Can't help, but I prefere the "before". This dresser for a girl's room would be a perfect piece for an Ombré-makeover like here

Before & After: Boring Dresser Gets Extra-Special Facelift
9/13/13 07:41 AM

You can check out the IKEA Christmas-Collection 2013 here:

Unfortunately, the beautiful Christmastree-Fabric is not part of this year's collection...

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9/4/13 08:09 AM

If the room is already dark, it could be very cozy, to have dark walls as well. What do you think about very dark blue like "Hague Blue" or a deep purple like "Brinjal" (Colors from Farrow and Ball)?
You could add some nice lighting, white bedding and pink details. Quite dramatik:-)

If you like to work against the darkness I think about a bright blue-green like "Pale Powder" from F&B. Would be a perfect contrast against the reddish copper and beautiful against dark wood. You could add lots of white (beddig, a small sheep-wool-carpet) and some fresh green or turquoise accents. Very elegant and cool.

Wall Color Suggestions for Copper Bed & Dark Wood Furniture? Good Questions
8/2/13 10:34 AM

@ Urbancricket: the character of the sofa is relaxing in general. If you fluff the pillows up regularly, it looks very good and tidy. There are just a little wrinkles in the seating area we use the most. To mee, this is not irritating. I have it for half a year now in Replösa-fabric which is slightly thicker and feels good to touch. It has a little more grip than the thinner version Isefall-fabric) and seemed more durable, that's why we decided for it. I would buy it again in exactly the same fabric. The color beige is very nice, suits perfect to our oak-flooring and fits to many different accent colors. I already combined it with grey, white, black, orange, purple and yellow.
(Sorry for my bad english... I'm german.)

All the best

Does IKEA Actually Sell this Chaise? Good Questions
4/4/13 04:03 PM

Hi Liz,
I own Söderhamn as a sofa and chaise lounge combination. It is absolutely comfortable and relaxing, looks beautiful "airy" because of the thin legs and armrests and it is very deep. You can use it as a guest-bed as well. I saw it in this turquoise color - beautiful, but we bought it in beige, the fabric-quality seems to be a little bit better. Here you can see it on the US-Website:

all the best

Does IKEA Actually Sell this Chaise? Good Questions
4/4/13 02:41 PM

Rachel "improved" her nice wooden flooring so much she actually made it worse.... I would also have had the original floor cleaned up and lubricated it with an oil finish.

Before & After: A Worn Out Wooden Floor Gets a Chalk Paint Finish VanHook & Co.
1/29/13 06:39 AM

I'm searching for a solution for the big black hole - the TV-screen. I thought about painting the wall behind it in a dark color. But as the room is not that big and the sreen is hanging at one of the longer walls of the room I worry that the whole room might become unproportional. There are several quite expensive solutions like a kind of elevator, that brings the TV sreen out of the sideboard if needed. But that's something I can't afford. Then, I thought about hanging a big piece of fabric in front of the sreen or a big painting. Hmmm....maybe the screen would even look better:-)

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1/4/13 01:31 PM

This is really a great idea! Can't wait for your your mails in 2013.
And there is something else I might need some help...Cleaning up the computer with all it's data rubbish...:-)

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