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I heard from an employee that all stores are in the process of closing except for their New York location. All inventory from the closing locations are being shipped to the NY warehouse and they hope to have a steady online presence. Crazy.

Pearl Paint: Art, Craft, & Framing Supplies Store Profile | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/17/10 11:05 AM

Pyrex single serving containers for freezing meals. Never cook for one.

French press.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Flying Solo: The Simplicity of Living Single
10/27/09 11:04 AM

If it will be exposed to rain, do not use cushions thicker thatn 4". No matter how you weatherproof the frame, cushions thicker than 4" will act like sponges and water will not be able to drain properly on the bottom side (even with using all outdoor fabrics & foams). This will not only discolor the fabrics dew to mildew groath and water deposit stains, but will also discolor your frame.

I recommend using a perforated foam that will allow proper drainage rather than a solid block of foam.

Apartment Therapy DC | Weather-proofing a Vintage Daybed? Good Questions
10/14/09 11:47 AM

For Christmas 2001, one of my aunt's, who is notorious for horrible gifts, took it to a whole new level: a faux wood framed grainy picture of the World Trade Center with light-up windows that didn't work and a chromed plastic plaque attached to the bottom reading "Never Forget".

Believe me, I won't.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Home Decor Gift Receiving Etiquette?
6/25/09 03:06 PM

I'm in.

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6/25/09 02:24 PM

Amy, thank you for this post. Brings back a lot of fond memories of my grandfather's home office. He was president of the National Ad Council, which created the first Smokey campaign. I remember seeing these posters scattered around his desk alongside McGruff and Iron Eyes Cody (Keep America Beautiful Campaign). I think I'm going to have to hunt a few of these down now.

Apartment Therapy New York | Vintage Smokey the Bear Posters
6/15/09 05:35 PM

You can now purchase a special usb stick that will allow you to easily watch television stations on your computer (just in case you can't wait until the next day to watch the newest episode of Lost online).

here is one option: Products/PCTV Tuners/PCTV Digital PVR %28DVB-S_DVB-T%29/Mac HD mini Stick.htm

this technology has been around for sometime, but only recently has it become so simple.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Would You Replace Your TV With Your Laptop?
2/2/09 02:15 PM

go with the emeco chairs (if you can afford it). they will last forever. just pray your tastes don't change.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Substitution for Emeco Chairs?
9/24/08 10:50 AM

I'd have to agree with ttbj's post...

Buy a roll of edge-banding with heat activated backing. You can get this at most decent hardware stores.I'd personally never go with peel-and-stick. Just doesn't seem to work as well.

Make sure to select the proper thickness and wood species. Edge-banding usually comes in sizes slighting wider than typical sheet material thicknesses to allow you to trim and clean-up properly once adhered to your piece.

To adhere, all you need is an iron and a small block. I use a wooden block with softened edges to press the heated edge-banding into place. Make sure to set the iron to a lower heat as you can burn the wood fairly quickly, and all you need to do is heat the glue. Play around with the right temperature setting.

Trim excess with a blade or cabinet scraper.

Break edges with a sanding block.

Apply a few coats of danish oil.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: How to Repair Chipped Veneer?
7/17/08 10:38 AM

little red corvette...sort of.

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7/10/08 11:08 AM

IKEA is an acronym comprising the initials of the founder's name (Ingvar Kamprad), farm where he grew up (Elmtaryd) and home village (Agunnaryd).

Learned that at the IKEA HQ from one of their reps. They always pronounced it eye-KEE-a.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Survey: How Do You Pronounce IKEA?
12/18/07 11:27 AM

Snap traps baited with a small piece of gum drop. Like the tootsie roll, more effort is needed.

You don't want to use poison. The mice die inside your walls, and that smell is way worse than having a few unwanted pests.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What's the Best Way to Catch a Mouse?
10/18/07 10:27 AM

I believe the digital camouflage visually blends into a background more than the old camo with the hard edges. Maybe the military-industrial complex infiltrated a foundation color theory class.

Look!: Digital Camouflage
7/17/07 01:39 PM

I'm trying to find a good source for 1" thick felt. All I can seem to get is gray. Any ideas?

How To: Create With Felt
5/2/07 06:47 AM