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Bravo! Excellent use of color, form, light, and cat.

Susan's Carriage Loft
4/20/11 10:19 PM

I've had my Bosch Axxis stacking washer with condensing dryer for about a year and the pair works like a charm. Aside from the condensing feature, which solved the lack of vent problem, the washing is quiet and efficient and offers a wide selection of settings. The dryer is quiet and, contrary to the one comment above, it does not spew hot air out of the front, at least not in experience. I keep it in a galley kitchen without a window and it does not get too hot in the summer. The only extra piece of maintenance required is regular cleaning of the various lint collection places. And, yeah, it needs all the usual washer/dryer hookup stuff except for the vent. So heavy duty outlet for the dryer, water inputs and a standpipe for the drain for the washer and the dryer. Your local building code may vary.

Apartment Therapy New York | Eco, Sexy Ventless: The Bosch Axxis Washer Dryer SeriesEmail from 4.28.08
12/31/08 07:03 PM

I had an all pink bathroom once and discovered the best way to disguise it, believe it or not, was with bright red towels. The pink fades away against the bright red. Using black or white just accentuates the contrast and makes the pink stand out more. Unless that's what you're after.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Shower Curtain for Pink Blue Bathroom?
10/26/08 01:07 PM