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I purchased a KLUFT mattress last year from Bloomingdales, that cost approx $7,000 plus shipping, and then since I live outside the US, I had to pay additional high fees to import it into the country including the 16% IVA charges plus customs agent charges. The bed arrived and within several months it became terribly lumpy and uncomfortable. We had to move the mattress from the front to the back, but the lumpiness continued. It has become unbearable; I dread going to sleep at night. I called Bloomingdales but the only thing they do is discount a certain amount after one year and then you can exchange it for another mattress. I would do this but I would be out thousands of dollars in taxes, shipping etc because they do not cover this which frankly they should. This is the WORST mattress ever. My son said it is like a mountain, high in the middle and it slants down on both sides. I have never seen anything like this. DO NOT BUY this mattress. I am considering to just purchase a local brand that is significantly cheaper and tossing this one.

Review: The Kluft Royal Sovereign \"Concerto LS\" Bed
A Year in Bed

12/17/12 01:54 PM