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Haha Pendragon. My ampersand print doesn't assault the eyes quite as much when it's printed on a larger scale.

For Your Inspiration Board: 15 Ideas for Decorating with Typography
2/27/14 02:20 PM

Thank you for including my ampersand print!

For Your Inspiration Board: 15 Ideas for Decorating with Typography
2/27/14 11:56 AM

Thank you for featuring my Tea print! Thanks also for the compliments.

The design can be printed in any colour combination and in different sizes.

'Ribba' frames from Ikea (which are very similar to the one in the pic) are a very good and inexpensive way to frame them.

7 of My Favorite Art Prints for the Kitchen Kitchen Art
1/26/14 04:11 PM

Thank you for your support ScuttledCuttle.

The person called 'catherineholm' who replied to your post above is none other than Jan from ReStyle! He posts comments bigging himself up, spreading his lies and slagging me off under different aliases all over the internet. I've got nothing to hide and prefer to post comments under a real name and for people to know who I am.

@Kloss_boss... Yes Jan did list his Cathrineholm prints before me but that doesn't mean that he had the idea before me does it? I've listed/launched many ideas/designs before him and he has then gone and ripped them off.

Unfortunately for Jan, he has a very nasty and vile attitude. He has messaged other sellers on Etsy who have dared to use anything retro, vintage or Mid Century Modern and been very threatening and intimidating towards them. He doesn't just want the biggest piece of the pie, he wants the whole lot!

He showed his true colours (again) a few weeks ago on the Etsy forums and pissed a lot of people off by saying...

"One thing for sure is etsys hidious plan to give same random exposure to everybody - even to shops doing this as hobby, is this fair? really? we work like mad whole days to get sales but then we cant be even found on site no matter how much we try (and I assure you - I do a LOT ) but some shops (who in the end sell 1 item a month) are everywhere."

Here is a link to Jan pretending yet again to be someone else, scroll down to the comments...


A lot of people have become wise to his antics and his arrogant attitude and his mask is slipping.

Best Etsy Shops for Design and Decor? Good Questions
12/17/12 01:59 PM