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Thanks so much for this! My dad (a xeriscape gardener for years) is now really excited to help make these as centerpieces for my bibliophile wedding. (Dad HATES weddings)

We just bought 15 books for $15 at the library book sale, getting a good deal on books and helping out our local library. I'm a person who can't even write in books most of the time, but books brought my fiancée and I together and books+cacti=my childhood. Plus, we're saving a ton of money on ANY wedding centerpiece you could name! I'm really looking forward to the centerpiece made out of the 1970's cookbook! (normally I'd struggle with the idea of even writing in a book, but otherwise these books were headed to sale as scrap)

Thanks for a great idea and for bringing so much of my family into a simple decoration.

How To Make Your Own Book Planters for Succulents
12/16/12 11:58 PM