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I just had sausage and biscuits for the first time this year. It isn't exactly a basic here in Canada! I had no idea it was so easy to make.

Breakfast Recipe: Southern Sausage Gravy Recipes from The Kitchn
8/6/12 10:32 AM

My 4 year old is a fiend for oysters. Raw and only dressed with a squirt of lemon, thank-you very much.

How Oysters Grow, a Love Story
7/27/12 03:11 PM

nellymom, the one bed is working great. It was a matter of necessity at first. Now, when given the choice or the chance, they won't sleep apart. We upgraded to a queen earlier this year. When we have cousins over we can turn the bed sideways and fit another 1 or 2 kids in there. Sleepovers!

It's Only Colour - Mila and Elena's Bedroom
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #44

12/9/11 12:29 AM

The cork squares came with sticky bits for the corners. We found they weren't holding very well so there is one nail in each square as well, for added hold. Picked up the cork squares at the big box stationary store.

It's Only Colour - Mila and Elena's Bedroom
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #44

12/7/11 12:51 PM

Sigh... My life for a hood fan.

Look! Crispy, Creamy Avocado Fries | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/13/10 10:40 AM

And hurrah for comments about not needing the food storage. I cleaned out my pantry with last year's Kitchn Cure and haven't looked back. I still have empty cupboards.

Quick question about the flooring. Is that wood grain piece a Marmoleum as well? Or is that a floor cloth or something else?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Kitchen Tour: Steve's San Francisco Color Inspiration
10/27/09 03:50 PM

It's hard to pick just one. Of late, the messiest has been the day I dropped the blender full of my ice cream mix:

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Was Your Messiest Kitchen Accident?
9/30/09 05:03 PM

Overhead when out for dinner at a high-end restaurant (and a good one) the other night:

She: I'm way more of a foodie than you, so I'll pick the appetizers.
He: Duh, okay.


Call me whatever you want. I cook, and I cook a lot. And yes, I sometimes make pasta with jarred sauce on the days that I can't even fathom a scrambled egg. I drive across town for some strange ingredient and my vacations are often planned around food. I'm raising my kids to know food, know where it comes from, and have them both in the kitchen with me already, at 1 and 3 ( And my Hubby just loves to eat. Is he any less of a foodie than me? No, but sure ain't no cook. And he can always order for himself, thank-you very much.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Are You a Foodie or a Cook?
8/13/09 04:00 PM

Good for you! We'll get you quilting in no time.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | How To Sew Napkins and a Table Runner
8/12/09 02:10 PM

What about putting and Expedit or custom book shelf as a headboard for a bed on the 5 foot wall, behind the door? Then use a platform bed that either lifts up for storage or has drawers underneath.

Evaluate whether you need the wardrobe. Does an 8 year old need hanging storage? If not, then get a good desk/credenza/dresser for storage of clothes and more. Will your existing dresser do this? Can you get a matching one and fit it in?

And don't forget to ask your son how he wants to use the room? Maybe he doesn't even want/need the desk? maybe he would prefer loads of storage for toys/books? Maybe he's an 8 year old minimalist?

And I love the idea of a built-in - or built-in looking desk with shelves on the 4'10" wall. A personal area with display and storage.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Ideas for George's Teeny Tiny Room? Good Questions
8/5/09 02:27 PM

We love jicama in our house.

Just the other day we served it with watermelon and dipped it in chili salt:

And I love to make a mango jicama salad:

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Ingredient Spotlight: Jicama
8/5/09 02:14 PM

How about both? I made watermelon and jicama sticks this weekend with chili salt.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Do You Eat Spicy Food In Hot Weather?
8/4/09 05:47 PM

I second the ice cream! I've made it a few times with my mint crop - so good!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | How Can I Use More of My Fresh Mint? Good Question
7/20/09 12:03 PM

It is more about size, than age. Once the kid hits about 36 inches it starts to get a bit crowded. That is, unless they are a perfectly still sleeper.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Survey: Where Do the Kids Sleep?
7/16/09 04:51 PM

Our daughters, 3 and 1 share a room.

My advice is to not do it right away. Wait until the little one is sleeping through the night consistently. Even though our oldest is a fantastic, dead to the world sleeper, she was disrupted some nights by her baby sister. The adjustment went well, I think, because her sister was also old enough at that point to be interactive with her. Both girls spent their first 6 months in a basket that generally lived in the dining room, or whatever empty room at the time sleep was required. From a safety persepctive this may be important. You don't want your older one climbing in the crib with a newborn, just to play.

Three other things:
Place the crib/bed to minimize direct visual contact, as much as your room allows. Perpendicular, for example, rather than side by side. When the baby is old enough to really be aware of her/his surroundings you want to keep them from seeing their sibling. It can distracting for getting to sleep.

Because babies do, or at least should, spend an inordinate amount of time sleeping, consider where the older sibling's toys are. We thought it was so great that everything could now be stored in the big room they shared, but what do you do when the baby is sleeping? Back came some toys to the living room and the ones they can both play with stayed in the room for group playtime.

Expect to have hiccups and distractions along the way. We've heard them up 'talking' to each other for an hour after we've put them to bed. The three year old knows how to turns on the lights so she will turn them on if she thinks it is time for her sister to get up. And a bad night for one can sometimes mean a bad night for all.

All that being said, I'm really happy that it is going so well in our house. Will they want to share forever and be best friends for life? Maybe, maybe not, but they seem pretty attached to each other now. Enough so that we feel confident not renovating to get them each their own room. Good, more money for mom and dad to get a room that fits more than their bed!

Let me know if you want pics of how we set-up their room.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Tips for Setting Up a Shared Bedroom Good Questions
7/16/09 04:50 PM

That tent/bed thing rocks! We got one before we went away on vacation with our first, at 15 months. It travels all the time with us for our second now. She's been sleeping in it since she was 6 months old. And it's great for outdoors too. Best thing, you can pack it in a suitcase.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Survey: Where Do the Kids Sleep?
7/16/09 04:36 PM

Our family does this every year as well. Somehow I've missed the first day A LOT. But I know those crocks and the final results so well - pyrohy, poor man's supper, smokies and sauerkraut...

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Homemade Sauerkraut: A Century-Old Family Tradition
7/13/09 12:24 PM

I use that basic Cuisinart model. Actually it is my mother-in-law's and everytime I post a new ice cream recipe she threatens to take it back. I may let her and pick up this one instead, if only because it looks like it might store a bit better.
PS Just made some Strawberry Ice Cream with a Rhubarb Swirl. Yum!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | 2 Quarts! New Cuisinart Stainless-Steel Ice Cream Maker
7/13/09 12:04 PM

Those are the colours of our living/dining/kitchen area in the house - with white and brown as neutral backdrops on the furniture.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Kitchen Color Inspiration: Apricot and Aqua
7/6/09 03:49 PM

Like wesaturtle, I consider almost every day like this. No, I'm not making cassoulet, but the act of cooking is not separate from the everyday eating in out house. I would kill for a a door and a lock somedays - it is damn hard to mince garlic while keeping a toddler entertained with a related task and keeping the baby from playing in the dog's water. Generally, though, the kitchen is for the kids underfoot asking questions and begging to help, whether it is a quick homemade mac and cheese or a day for sourdough bread making.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Weekend Meditation: So What if it Takes All Day
6/8/09 11:34 AM