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Hi Stephanie,

I had this exact same problem with a fiddle leaf fig I bought from IKEA last fall. Maybe I should have known better...

I spoke to a garden shop near me and they said it was probably due to over watering or over fertilizing. What you have is NOT a fungus. I knew I wasn't over watering it, but the soil was covered with these tiny green fertilizer pellets. So I removed all of those that I could see and then re-potted the plant into a more permanent container.

Then I removed a lot of the leaves that were severely damaged/about to fall off anyway. I had my plant located in indirect sunlight (I have all south facing windows in my apartment), but I moved it directly in front of one of the windows where it gets more sunlight. And I give it about 4 cups of water weekly (when the top inch of the soil is dry). I also rotate it a quarter turn every week.

Since I made these changes there has been no further leaf drop and the brown spots have not spread. Even better, over the past month seven new leaves grew!

I hope that your plant revives!

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