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I was just checking back on this post and noticed a few questions:

@terrafaith - yes, thank you for the connection. We're planning to add an ADU and will get on the books for the Build It Green tour when it's completed.

@flyerkid - the toilet is a Caroma Walvit. It's been discontinued since but this model is similiar.

@sarahlou - as @lilleprince said (keen eyes!) the cabinets are sold by IKEA and indended for use in a kitchen over a refrigerator. I added stainless steel legs and eventually a countertop surface.

@jaimefente - the towel racks and toilet holder were purchased on clearance from Target. They were designed by Isaac Mizrahi. The connection hardware isn't the greatest so I would not recommend them even if you could still buy them.

@iadfilm - I don't know the name or manufacturer of the tile. It is a metric size close to 12 x 24. I found it in the S'tile showroom in Portland.

Concerning the bamboo panic: the varieties we planted are clumping and as of yet have not overrun the yard. Much more problematic is the unbelievabably fast-growing morning glory in the backyard, which was there when we moved in and is proving virtually impossible to eliminate.

On a Budget, Compromise Affords Indulgence
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7/5/11 05:59 AM

I'm not sure what it is exactly. It's similar to the PH Louvre by Louis Poulson... anyone have an exact match?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Green Tour: A Portland Rummer
8/15/08 04:07 PM


CFLs do contain mercury, but burning coal to make electricity releases mercury into the atmosphere. Using less energy by switching to CFLs results in lower mercury emissions. So it's worth it to switch. We did a post a while back on this topic.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Look! CFL Education at Wal-Mart
7/28/08 10:18 AM

drmeglet -- the quick and dirty way to "fix" mildewed caulk is to cover it with another layer. Of course, it grows through, but it looks clean and fresh long enough to get another renter in. That's why you need to get it all out of there before replacing it.

DahliaCactus -- you've got that right. Get rid of any loose stuff, then apply a fresh bead of caulk at the seam.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Bathroom Month: The Grout Chore, Part II
3/18/08 08:00 PM

Ether Maiden,

Check out
this link (also referenced above) for dual flush toilets on sale in the US that you can install at home.


Apartment Therapy - Green: A Sign in Itself
11/26/07 05:08 PM

The cork itself is impervious to liquid—where we've had problems is because of the leak in the kitchen, where hot water stood for hours before we came home to discover it. By that time, the water had soaked into the backing and caused the seams to swell.

The dog, bless her heart, has not yet had an accident on the cork.

I think if you got it up quickly there'd be no problem. But longer and there'd likely be some mark or change in texture. Urine is tough on just about any flooring surface—it can even damage concrete.

Apartment Therapy - Best Product: Vida Cork
11/21/07 08:19 AM

Hejiranyc, could you let me know the manufacturer and model of your heaters? I'd love to research them for a future post. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy - Why It's Green: On-Demand Hot Water
11/1/07 03:42 PM


Your concerns bring up a good point: technologies like this, which assume a change of behavior (i.e., the water will always be on full force), don't always work in the real world.

While it's true that lots of energy conservation measures do not pay for themselves, the idea is that if everyone saved a little bit it would add up to a lot.

Apartment Therapy - Why It's Green: On-Demand Hot Water
10/31/07 01:50 PM

You got it, Wende! I can't figure out how to post a functioning link... I'll update the post when I do.

Thanks for giving the full citation... and mentioning Annette Henning. She's also written a great article about solar panels and Swedish culture.

Apartment Therapy - The Energy Cost of Coziness
10/26/07 11:29 PM


Thanks for the comment! We'll start digging...

Apartment Therapy - Welcome: Getting to Know You
10/15/07 11:00 AM

Kyrdissa, we've blogged a couple options that might work for you. Do a search for "water bottle" in the upper right hand corner of the page. The second post, which starts "It's Complicated," has a couple non-plastic options.

Apartment Therapy - Good Product: Glass Refrigerator Containers
9/21/07 07:11 AM

It's between gates C16 and C17 -- by the big Coffee People.

Apartment Therapy - AT On... The Power of Toys
9/20/07 07:19 PM

Eliza, confusingly, we're different people -- you can see the difference in my signature line below.

Apartment Therapy - The Fall Green Cure: Week One
9/13/07 12:36 PM


There are a few different Cures going on -- one for each of the cities listed in the post above, and one for Green.

You're welcome to join whichever cure you'd like, and I'm excited to have you as part of the Green Cure. If that's where you'd like to be, then keep uploading photos in Flickr to the Green Cure Flickr pool and/or tag them with "atgreencure."

To avoid any confusion in the future, please drop an email to green at apartmenttherapy dot com to let us know which cure you'll be joining.


Apartment Therapy - The Fall Green Cure: Getting Oriented Week One
9/11/07 08:28 AM


From what I read, the vibrations from the noise are very irritating to some deaf and hard of hearing people... especially those who wear hearing aids that amplify everything: thus the need to dampen the noise.

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: Tournaments and Tennis Balls?
9/10/07 09:57 PM


You'll use the Flickr tag "ATgreencure."

Look in your Sunday evening email for more details...

Apartment Therapy - The Cure: Therapist, Cure Thyself
9/9/07 03:34 PM


Because "green" means so many different things, the Green Cure will be about finding the best solutions that balance your values and your space.

We're hoping you'll join us.

Apartment Therapy - The Cure: Therapist, Cure Thyself
9/6/07 09:16 AM


We'd suggest that you check out

We're familiar with these mattresses -- especially the Organic Cotton & Wool. There's a lot of variation in mattress pricing, both because it is traditionally a very high margin business, and because mattresses are expensive to ship, so shop around.

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: Is Memory Foam Good For Sex the Earth?
9/4/07 01:40 PM

We haven't used it, but Danny Seo claims to love this dimmable CFL. We trust his opinion... and plan to do a real-world test. Stay tuned.

Apartment Therapy - Blogging Mother Earth News... Reason and Lighting
8/29/07 01:41 PM


That's a tough one to answer. Let me do some digging for a future post!


Good Question: Windows vs. Insulation?
8/6/07 03:07 PM