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I'd love a tiny house, but because of the planning laws in the uk it seems the only way of permanently living in one is to build one on land where you already own a house. Pretty impossible then! I'll have to settle for our two up/two down terrace!

Ten Tiny Houses
1/28/13 06:25 AM

We have a real tree, but to be honest the decent fake ones here in England are double the price of a real one and we never want to shell that much out in December!

We have 3 strings of battery operated lights, and the bottom one is removed when we go out...this is the only way I've found so far of stopping my dog chewing on lights, he got through 3 strings of mains operated ones a couple of years ago! (while they were switched OFF I must add!).

I'm super excited tonight as I've found some White metal stars in a local shop, which fit my fave Scandinavian theme and are also dog proof! My only issue now is, how many baubles/ornaments is too many? Do I go all Scandinavian and sparse, or use loads and cover the tree? Decisions!

What is Your Christmas Tree Style?
12/15/12 06:21 PM