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I adore the salad spinner! I think it was around $4 and it is easy to clean and works great! Most salad spinners are around $20, which I think is silly for something that just gives your lettuce a ride :)

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4/24/14 02:07 PM

I adore coffee...the hubs and I use our french press on weekends, the Keurig when we just need one more cup in the evening and the Bunn in the morning. Our Bunn is our most beloved appliance - nothing better than 10 cups brewed in 2 minutes at the perfect temperature!
Hubby also grinds our coffee beans every morning - I love waking up to grinder running and the smell of coffee already exploding out of the kitchen!

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2/18/14 01:53 PM

Don't forget Rainbow Row in Charleston, South Carolina!

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10/21/13 08:31 PM

First ever college dorm roommate:
-Only ate McDonalds and would shove every wrapper and bag under her futon. Our room reeked.
-Was unable to sleep without falling asleep watching a movie, meaning I would wake up to that odd high pitched sound that TVs make when they are on but nothing is playing
-Didn't do her laundry. I finally did it 3 months after school started and she went home for the weekend because it was so smelly and nasty and vaguely wet.

I moved out after first semester because I was starting to have allergic reactions to the mold that her "dishes" and clothes were growing.

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9/2/13 10:09 PM

A Boston Terrier on the bed, snuggled into the pillows, completes the decor of any bedroom. :)

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7/29/13 08:29 PM

Actually, Oberon is from Bells...but both breweries are in West Michigan so it's easy to get them confused! :)

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6/13/13 11:24 AM