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Nevermind, found the tutorial! Excellent!

Before After: Clean and Modern Plywood Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/27/10 12:44 PM

How is the plywood fixed to the subfloor? Screws through the top? Glue?

Before After: Clean and Modern Plywood Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/27/10 12:42 PM

Really? A folding chair for $2880? If you can spend that much on a folding chair, you probably don't need folding chairs. That folding chair better be made of moonrocks.

LA Times Home Garden Roundup 12.12.09Los Angeles | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/12/09 03:11 PM

The mystery notebook:

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Gizmodo Gallery Preview
9/24/09 02:27 PM

Agreed, regular feature, please!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Designing High Low... Lower! Boston Home's Entryway for Under $600 via AT Boston Reader!
7/22/09 05:13 PM

1. Judges. But there could also be a reader's choice winner.
2. Both. Independents with less than...I dunno, X years of experience. Pick a number that allows you to give exposure to less experienced designers who have something to say and disqualifies designers who've already had quite a lot to say.
3. No opinion.
4. New designs. But again, it'd be nice if they could be in production instead of just complete flights of fancy. No renders. I want to see something that exists outside the mind/computer of the designer.
5. Agree with modernguy. Maybe something to help them take that concept to production (there's a theme here, can you dig it?)

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Survey: Golden Squiggle Design Contest
5/29/09 07:28 PM

Nice, but I feel like I might be going snow-blind. I like the outdoor spaces, too, and those benches look like an interesting diy project...

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Inspiration: Home Offices of De Leon Primmer Achitecture Workshop
3/26/09 04:14 PM

Binder clips are awesome for hanging art. I pair them with fishing leaders (available at any sports store or even wally world) to hang art from the ceiling in multiples.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Roundup: Alternative Uses For Binder Clips
1/18/09 06:57 PM

It might be okay, if it weren't so far to the left. I'd try to get that left margin to be the same as the top and bottom margin, so the dimensions relate to each other in some way. Also, I'd find a way to hide the cable box.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before and After: Incorporating a Flat Screen TV into a Bookcase
11/17/08 03:26 PM

The music search trick seems to return a lot of sites that forward to a url which Google reports as malicious. Careful, now.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Five Favorite Obscure Google Search Tricks
11/8/08 08:25 AM

That toolmonger link isn't working...

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Java Juice: Power Inverter Disguised as a Coffee Cup
11/5/08 11:35 AM

I second the need for creative software for blackberries. i like my curve, but it's a bit uninspiring.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Free Art for Your iPhone
11/4/08 06:01 AM

Jeez, Hollie, take it easy. I can love my yard and hate raking leaves. I can love my house and hate painting the trim. I can love my car but hate changing the oil.

How about this--if you hate your leaf blowing neighbor, I suggest moving somewhere without trees. Or, if you love raking leaves so much, c'mon over to my house.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Gas Electric Leaf Blowers That Don't Suck Wired Magazine
9/15/08 12:52 PM

Wow, I really did bad! 167 for me! I'm color blind. Mistakes in the green AND blue range.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Test Your Color IQ
9/12/08 05:26 PM

I think jems means that it's unjust that it didn't happen to jems. That's how I feel about it, anyway :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Live Work Loft in Minneapolis The New York Times 9.4.08
9/4/08 01:50 PM

I like the music thing...gonna try that.

Of course, every day isn't like that. But really what it comes down to is a complete lack of forethought. On the other hand, I'm really not prepared to be as organized as Abby is. Honestly, Abby, you're scaring me.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Getting Out of the House (Without Losing Your Mind)
8/29/08 09:29 AM

I like to start with a long cup of coffee and a check of the news online. Then, because I woke up a half-hour late, I run into the bathroom, perform my ablutions, jump into my ill-considered (given the weather report) clothes while cajoling my children to do the same, brush my teeth while cajoling my children to do the same and getting some toothpaste on my shirt, listen to my wife curse like a sailor when she can't find her keys or that I forget to put the trash out. Meanwhile I'm climbing into the car after having strapped my children down, and then yelling from the car to ask my already disgruntled wife (who's already had a similar morning) to get my phone which I've probably forgotten to charge anyway. Back outside, I climb into the car and drive us to daycare and work, my son clambering to listen to They Might Be Giants "Here come the 1, 2, 3s" while I insist on NPR. As the crying subsides I drop my wife at the hospital (and I get a kiss that says, "I'm sorry I called you names for not taking out the trash"), the kids at daycare, and then park in the commuter lot. The bus is late, but so am I, so that's okay. I get to work in time to receive a call from daycare that one of us--and I'm not mentioning any names, here--forgot to pack a bottle, so it's back home before the baby gets too upset.

Yep, I'd say I've got this thing called life under control.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Getting Out of the House (Without Losing Your Mind)
8/28/08 06:21 PM

My needs are simple--hemming new pants. I have short legs, so everything I buy needs hemming. I don't want to spend lots of money for a tailor to do it...hemming looks pretty simple after all.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Unplggd Thursday Giveaway: Singer Curvy 8763 Sewing Machine
8/8/08 04:49 AM

The chair looks pretty low, but it is very cute. I'll take one.

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/11/08 09:48 AM

Whoa! 232% efficient! All of energy is used without waste and extra energy is also created? Cool!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Greenovation: Sony's New Low-Power LCD HDTV
6/18/08 10:28 AM