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Cool place. The little disco ball is too much and makes it feel staged, or maybe it is just always sitting on the floor there? Not a big fan of all mid-century stuff, but kinda unique.

#19 - Laure's Sparkling Space
5/1/07 04:23 PM

Great use of space! This is one of the few entries that I feel you could actually entertain more than 4 or 5 people comfortably in. And finally a place that isn't all mid-century modern furniture. The place feels big - you devoted most of the space to the living area and didnt waste a lot of space with a bedroom area. Wish I could do that in my place. I also like the storage boxes you put above the kitchen cabinets. Also, what are the things hanging on the wall by the w/d, storage cubbies? Damn, and you work out of there too?

#20 Cooper Derrick's Studio
5/1/07 04:17 PM