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Eric, wonderful work! Nice + natural picture of yourself as well.
Love the dark walls + couch + small coloured hooks in the living room + yard & simple fence + nun-art (very funny and full of innuendos) + the wonderful pictures of friends & family. A great place!
Thank you for the tour.

Eric's Stylish, Sunshine-Filled House House Tour
7/1/13 02:21 PM

I am wondering if you could not consider planting bamboo around your deck... i realize you cannot plant them along the fence but planting them at the foot of your deck would still leave you with a private but natural, rustling screen. Bamboo grows fast anywhere south of Vancouver (i am in the Yukon, too bad for me!!), so it may work for you?
Also, kite-awnings or shade sails can be modern, beautiful and practical... not sure if you could set one up on top of your fence or nearer your deck... they are not fences and may fit your purpose. Here's a few here:

Backyard Privacy Screen Ideas? Good Questions
5/9/13 11:04 AM

Wow, i love your home! So vibrant, so real.
I am so inspired by your spirit which transcends everything in your colours, decor, objects and art.
Thank you, AT, for a real place!
Thank you, Mrs. Sprague, for you!

Mary's Singular Live/Work Studio House Tour
4/16/13 10:18 PM

i love the place and i love that the bathroom is super funky yet, not totally done up/redone... You've made a wonderfully warm and creative space out of your apartment!

Joan & Matt's Joyously Eclectic Home House Tour
3/29/13 10:22 PM

Can we be best friends?!!!!!!
It's awesome!

Amy's Light & Bright Small Space House Tour
3/27/13 04:31 PM

absolutely fun and gorgeous!!!

The Duplex, Right Side: Jean & Dylan's Playful, Working Hideaway House Tour
3/27/13 04:28 PM


Before & (Somewhat) After: Suki's Cottage Renovation Varpunen
3/27/13 04:23 PM

Woah!!! I understand how you feel.
So many people live by a "norm", not even certain where it comes from at times.
There IS societal expectation that you educate yourself, get a job, find a mate, get a place, have children, ....all in that perfect cookie-cutter order! It's insane!!!!
I have a small cedar house now, FOR NOW, and am not sure if it's permanent. Sure it is cute, adorable, cabin-like, zany, charming etc, but so were my 12ft-ceiling-ed apartments with French doors, oak floors & industrial views, as were tiny charming houses i rented... The were equally homes to me, made funky by how i lived in them, what i hung on the walls, who visited me.
I feel absolutely no happier owning except that most of my family now sighs a sign of relief that i may actually be NORMAL. Which in a way depresses the heck out of me... and, unbeknownst to all, i check out rentals in Prague and Portugal more often than they will ever know... the heck with the house.
Life is what you make it and forget the nay-sayers! I'm sure your place is great.

I'm Renting...And Okay with That
3/27/13 03:15 PM


Danny & Christy's Burrito Factory
Fun House! House Tour

3/18/13 09:44 PM

WOW! i absolutely love your place!! what a great apartment!
Can i visit!!???

Christian's Open Floor Plan in Bucharest House Call
3/18/13 09:41 PM

Your bedrrom makes me feel serene and happy... it is very calming and pretty. Well done, Amanda!

Amanda's Calm Simplicity Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/11/13 03:20 PM

Ooooooh, i looooove the bedroom! so clean and well done!! Awesome place, ladies!!!!

Alli & Kristen's Family Affair House Tour
3/11/13 02:57 PM

You've done an amazing job!
Light, airy, bright, colourful, eclectic, warm!
And your words and lines were great!

Matt & Andy's More Perfect (Eclectic-Modern) Union House Tour
3/9/13 12:10 AM

Your room is not my style but it is lovely and peaceful.
I really like the modern seashell canvas and best of all, i love your dog!!!
I feel that your room transcends serenity which is all one wants out of room. Well done!!!

Natasha's Cozy & Cheerful Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/5/13 08:41 PM

Lisa, you can do it. I had not assembled cabinets before and even though i did get help with the hanging part, (cabinets are actually heavy!) i did a lot more of the finishing than i thought i would and it is BEAUTIFUL. you will really love your kitchen. Depending on the size, give yourself one to two weeks.

Faith's Kitchen Renovation: How We Assembled & Installed Our IKEA Kitchen Renovation Diary: Faith's Budget Luxe Kitchen
3/2/13 02:32 AM

Faith, this is awesome.
I put together my ikea kitchen last winter with the help of a carpenter whom i had budgeted in for 2 days maximum. The overwhelming feeling of despair i got from looking at ALL the boxes in the living room, was real. Urghhhhhhhh!! I assembled everything and got help with the actual hanging. I did not glue any of the cabinets.
And then, at last, when the finished product came together, i was more amazed than i was overwhelmed the previous week. I spent the most time putting on handles (and messing up) and installing the finishing touches of trim than i ever thought possible but it is beautiful and functional. Don;t give up, it will be AMAZING!

Faith's Kitchen Renovation: How We Assembled & Installed Our IKEA Kitchen Renovation Diary: Faith's Budget Luxe Kitchen
3/2/13 02:29 AM

Nice place, no kidding!
The table and headboard are amazing.
The house says a lot about your very eclectic, intelligent and interesting personality! i have a feeling you won;t be single for long after this post so hold on to the house!!!

Matt's Modern Minimalist Austin Retreat House Tour
3/2/13 02:12 AM

this house is lovely and warm but the master bedroom steals the show for me!
Vibrant and creative like the couple! Beautiful!

Caroline & Jose's Remarkable Nest House Tour
2/28/13 12:56 PM

The house is gorgeous. The baby is adorable.
But the dog's mug here and there is priceless.
Seriously, this is HIS house he's showing off.
Well done!

Sam & Anne's Cozy Modern Blend House Tour
2/28/13 12:51 PM

OH boy. This is knock-out perfection! ALL of it.

Robert's Character-Filled House in Echo Park House Tour
12/18/12 08:39 PM