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Oh my goodness those walls covered in art. I'm in love.

Bill's Wonderful Sunshine Small Cool Contest
6/4/14 02:39 PM

Here here! Some nights are bad but your body adapts pretty well to the heat if you don't have A/C... vs everyone else is just in misery.

Tips for Living Without an Air Conditioner
4/29/14 04:39 PM

Based on the other replies, this is a common one! I open my mystery door to find a huge closet. Just organized with space to put EVERYTHING.

What Would You Do With an Extra Room?
4/14/14 02:14 PM

So many plants! My heart sings!

Candice and Jason's Colorful, Light Filled Apartment House Tour
3/4/14 12:03 PM

I'm an impatient waiter. If that makes sense. I've been looking for a coffee table for a year and a half (been pulling a chair over to the couch to put drinks on. Its not the best solution) and although I want to find the "perfect" thing I'm so fed up!

Shopping for the Perfect Piece: Do You Buy it Now or Wait it Out?
1/28/14 11:56 AM

Loving #3 with the gallery wall. I've got a closet with about 3ft of completely unusable blank wall above the hanging bar and its been driving me nuts.

10 Beautiful Real-Life Closets of All Sizes
1/24/14 01:33 PM

In my small apartment I sometimes get an urge to get rid of it ALL instead of trying to fit new things in!

New Year, New Habits: Making Room for Stuff in Small Spaces
1/6/14 02:58 PM

I second the idea of the narrow baskets. If you get attractive ones and don't keep them too messy they can add to a feeling of "welcome" as well. Try getting ones that are designed for stairs.

How To Make Stairwell More Welcoming and Add Storage? Good Questions
10/11/13 09:43 AM

I see projects like this and dream of a day where I have an extra closet. Gorgeous makeover.

Before & After: Christina's Multitasking Closet
9/23/13 10:28 AM

Shameless plug here.... check out LilaMae.com! They specialize in home goods that are not only american made, but sustainably made as well. Really good quality stuff that doesn't look "crafty".

Handmade Goods: Ones to Watch Martha Stewart American Made
9/13/13 12:08 PM

In college I lived in an apartment with friends which:
- Had a great 3-season porch which the landlord had old boxes, furniture and other storage on it that he promised to remove... then never did. The "removal cost" of it was taken out of our security deposit because he "gave it to us".
- One night a large chunk of ceiling fell off the bed onto my sleeping roommate's bed... 1ft from his head.
- Mice. Everywhere. So many.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst-Landlord-Ever Stories
8/16/13 12:37 PM

One of my big challenges is moving the outbox OUT of the room I'm curing! One reason its so bad is because the rest of my apartment's outbox is in there!

Day 4: Set Up a One-Room Outbox Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/6/13 09:59 AM

YES. When we were kids my brothers and I would have SCREAMING matches if someone took our seat. Mostly when the youngest tried to upgrade.

Do You Have Set Seats at Home?
6/12/13 01:01 PM

Putting your desk in front of it and shelves over top means that you will be reaching very far back to get things from the shelves. I say put some shelving in there to utilize the space. You can cover it, or decorate with a big plant or something to make it not seem like you have an extra closet.

Ideas for Triangular Nook? Good Questions
6/4/13 08:12 AM

I'm cozy, my roommate is minimalist.... the living room is a war zone.

Minimal vs. Cozy: Which is More \"You\"?
4/8/13 01:43 PM

Perfect! I'm designing a gallery wall of my own right now... this is just what I needed.

Re-Thinking the Gallery Wall:
10 Funky New Ideas

1/15/13 10:00 AM