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Me too please!

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The January Cure

12/21/13 11:36 AM

Oh man, I often get serious cravings for Montreal Bagels. I live in Scotland now, so it ain't easy. But guess what? I found a good recipe a few years ago and they are my Christmas and Easter treat to myself! My husband is even considering a woodburning stove in the garden! Now all I need is one of those crazy paddles they used at Le Fauberg!!!

Why I Ordered Bagels All the Way from Montréal: Merry Christmas to Me!
12/20/13 03:53 PM

I laughed at this- I would advise against giving this as a gift if there is a child present!

Swedish Reindeer Hides
12/9/13 09:14 AM

Oh my god, I am in love with that chair.

New Outdoor Chairs from Gloster Casual Market
9/19/13 01:40 PM

Hahahahaha! I live in Scotland. If we can cook INSIDE without freezing to death we feel lucky...

5 Impressive Outdoor Kitchens Kitchen Inspiration
6/24/13 12:01 PM

ahhh, lovely! Am patiently waiting for my peonies in the garden, it's the happiest time of my gardening year. This year has been so crap, weatherwise, though, that I might need to supplement with something like these!

Take 5: Peony Prints for the Home
6/1/13 03:48 AM

How refreshing! A room that can grow and change with Norah, and no specific theme that will need changing in about 6 months! I love it, and I bet she gets lost in that rug!

Norah's Secondhand Big Girl Room My Room
4/19/13 03:44 PM

Love this post and the responses as well. Art is meant to get us thinking and discussing, isn't it? And I LOVE ole Oliver Jeffers. His books, his art are absolutely brilliant.
Going to a thrift shop to see what I can find....

5 Ways to Update Thrift Store Art
4/11/13 02:51 AM

This sounds really interesting. With an only child who is approaching adolescence this might be a way to keep communication open. Anything to reduce early morning stress sessions as well is definitely worth a try.

Running Your Family Like a Business?
2/19/13 08:50 AM


Party Favor Punch Wall Celebrate the Big & Small
2/4/13 09:09 AM

I'm a Canadian who moved to the UK about 15 years ago, and have never been so cold in my life- the houses are simply not made for cold winters, but trust me, with the damp they are terrible!
My recommendations are thermal liners in the curtains, and jersey sheets. Much nicer than flannel if you can find them. I also bought an electric blanket this autumn, after burning myself too many times filling the hot water bottles! It's the best.

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Warm at Home
12/30/12 05:23 PM

Good point, but think about it this way- if they smash it, it might lead to a run on mosaic table tops.....

Creative Alternative to a Community Tree
12/14/12 05:09 PM

PS- I really might have dreamt that. Pre-Xmas brain. I hope I am proven wrong.

Creative Alternative to a Community Tree
12/14/12 12:00 PM

Nope- I saw that they smash it all! Hoping that was wrong, but think I saw it on the news. If so, dumbasses.

Creative Alternative to a Community Tree
12/14/12 11:55 AM

I dunno- I have two outside sets that haven't worked this year and I have only had them for three years. There is no fixing them! And one small inside set. So far seems like a false economy to me. Although we don't use bazillions of lights and only turn them on for a couple of hours. Now what do I do with them- is it off to landfill?

Are LED Christmas Lights Worth The Extra Holiday Expense?
12/12/12 10:29 AM