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My kids love Buster Keaton's The Boat - its short, sweet and very funny. Lots of physical slapstick!

My Favorite Films for Children Maxwell's Finds
3/24/14 07:07 PM

oooh. they look nice and flat - more space saving than wooden hangers! i would like to get me some.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Thursday Giveaway: Ditto Hangers
9/22/08 02:19 PM

Zinnias. My parents kept this gigantic garden when I was a kid, and my mom always planted a thick row of zinnias along the front end, so when you looked out of the back of the house, zinnias were the first thing you saw in the garden. Such a distinct and sweet childhood memory for me, whenever I see them they make me all warm inside.

Apartment Therapy - Thursday Giveaway: Feather Flora Vase
11/15/07 01:14 PM

This house is amazing - fabulous use of color throughout - well played!

Apartment Therapy - FC East Finalist #3: Artsy Family's Color is for Happiness
11/15/07 11:33 AM

My proudest sewing moment was having my grandmother (who sews beautifully) tell me how proud of me she was - she thought it was great to see me dive right into projects and figure out how to do them on my own, problem solve, and have the end product come out pretty well. She said that even with the amount of experience she has, she has seen me solve sewing problems better! The women in my family have quilted and sewn for generations, and although we live 2500 miles apart, I make sure to share my projects with my grandma, not just for feedback, but to keep the connection up from afar.

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11/9/07 09:27 AM

I wanted to answer other questions too...

The shower curtain is from Anthropologie.

The colored windows on the door in the kitchen are diy - it is colored vellum taped to the windows!

The green color behind the oh-so-distained roosters is the kitchen, just above the sink, but is not Benjamin Moore paint, it is a low-voc stuff that is Celery Green, and the yellow/cream in the kitchen is also not Ben. Moore, it is a combo of Laura Ashley Cowslip 3 and white (my husband played mad-scientist until we hit a color we liked, sorry).

The ochre behind the rhino is called American Gold, and it is also a low-voc, which I bought at Eco Home Improvement on San Pablo along with the Celery green.

The magic hovering gumball, I believe, is Jupiter. That is my kids room, and they have a solar system hanging from the ceiling.

Apartment Therapy - #4 - Lizm's "Color Rocks"
10/8/07 10:13 AM

Sorry everyone, the rhino is a one-of-a-kind, made by a sculptor friend as one in a series of masks. It is welded metal.

I understand lots of people are opposed to the roosters, (good thing none of you live with me, because I would tell you tough-titties) but "hate" - come on - be a little more civilized than that, please.

Apartment Therapy - #4 - Lizm's "Color Rocks"
10/8/07 09:43 AM

Mmmmm...we exclusively use Rancho Gordo beans (if you can get your hands on his Hominy, it is really good). I would make soup out of your ingredients. After all, it is good food. Cook the beans and rice in some stock, throw in a bay leaf, some dried peppers, salt and pepper, a parmesean rind...let them cook for a few hours, then add the corn and any fresh veggies you have. Serve with his fresh corn tortillas and some good beer.

Cupboard Challenge! Rancho Gordo Beans and Sweet Corn
6/8/07 02:35 PM

We just bought a house in North Oakland - could not find one in SF that was *affordable* AND would fit a family of 4 AND wasn't in a war zone.

So we got an almost totally renovated 1100 sf craftsman, 2 br/1 ba, living room, dining room, kit, bath with lots of cool built-ins, wood floors (took a little work), small yard and garage. The light in this house is fantastic. Amazing raised panel walls in the DR, glass doors on the fireplace surround and the DR built-in, built-in armoire in 1 BR, some attic storage, and a small basement with laundry.

We found a 1946 Wedgewood double oven that looks perfect in the house and have some painting to do before we move in, but can't wait to be in our new 'hood, and i will be commuting to SF 3 or 4 days a week, so will not be out of touch in "suburbia".

We compromised with a small yard, but don't have time for the upkeep now (not with 2 small children) anyway, would like more square footage, but in the future can build up and make it a 2-story, so for now, this is great for us.

Housing Musts and Maybes
5/1/07 12:35 PM