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I have had this bed for about two years. I even took it apart, moved it, and put it back together. It's still going great. My only problem has been that I loaded down one drawer with some heavier books and it bent the bottom of the drawer. The rest I used for shoes and blankets/pillowcases/rugs, etc and they still look perfect. As for the mattress, I was looking at Ikea as well but found a better deal at factory mattress. The seller made a commission so I was able to haggle the price. I am very happy with both purchases. Ikea only had one bed with drawers when I bought it and now they have many, but if this is your style, I would recommend! It cleans easily. I don't think I have any scratches.

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1/28/14 11:55 AM

Greetings from San Antonio! I live in downtown, so I am not intimately familiar with the more northern part of the city, but I'm happy to be a liaison! City data is a great resources, as is apartment ratings. When you say north central, do you mean closer to 410 or 1604?

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6/18/13 09:01 AM