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you guys are good! thanks for all of the help - I've now got my day planned out for me shopping for doors!

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3/10/09 01:24 PM

seems slightly pricey, but what isn't in NY. it's very nice though.

My main question is where did you get the 1 panel door in the bedroom??? I"ve been looking for 1 panel doors for so long and can't seem to find them anywhere. Multiple panels, yes, but not 1 panel. anyone have any suggestions? Doors make more of a difference than I think most people realize.

Apartment Therapy New York | FSBO: Jackson Heights Two Bedroom 3716 80th Street Apt 52, 4D
3/6/09 01:19 PM

Looks good! And $600 for the silestone countertops?! Where at please share!! I'm finding it for a lot more than that....also, what color are they? I'm in Brooklyn too, but more downtown Brooklyn/Brooklyn Heights area.

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2/5/09 04:24 PM

I do this at lunch sometimes - order for delivery or pick up from your local restaurant and pick it up later in the day just before they switch to dinner prices. With a little pre-planning you'll often get the same food for cheaper for dinner that night! Also, if you're prone to getting food delivered but it's within walking distance, get it take-out instead of delivery to avoid the delivery and/or tip charge.

If you order online, always check out sites like or just type into your search engine the store you're buying from and the word "discount" or "coupon". These sites will often pull up all sorts of discounts. Buying on line can actually save you money if you get free shipping and if you make sure that there's a physical store nearby if you needed to make a return, plus it saves the car ride to the store. Also, keep in mind that many airlines (aa, delta, etc) and different companies (ie give you miles and/or money if you link to the online company through their website. Just always have in mind what you want to buy so you're not impulse spending.

If you pay off your credit card each month (I do!) then I find credit cards are great because it's essentially a free loan and I always use the rewards cards so every once in a while I'll get a free little perk out of it.

If you're in New York (and maybe other cities), with sites like you can go onlline any day and it'll give you a listing of places which have open bars that day. Really, free alcohol and entertainment for the night (but be sure to tip your wait staff ;) New York is one of the best for free things and events, esp. in the summer, but many cities have festivals and events for low or no cost if you look for them!

Also, if you're planning on taking a trip (ie from NY to Washington DC or Philadelphia, etc), consider taking the bus. I've seen so many bus lines starting up recently, where you can get such inexpensive tickets (like megabus, bolt bus, etc). Also, if you're up for it, consider a housing swap for your vacation. Or, take trips with a group of people together and then you can rent a house through sites like or other house rental sites. These trips can be so much fun, and often it'll be much cheaper and you'll get more quality time together.

If it's convenient, consider bringing in your recycled cans to the supermarket. I mean, you pay for the deposit, you might as well get it back. I usually get lazy and just recycle through my building but why not bring them back yourself and get the money?

Also, don't forget about little things like double side printing your papers!

Hope this helps!

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10/23/08 02:23 PM