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I attempted the January Cure last year and got half way through it and kinda fell off the wagon so to speak. This year I am so excited about the cure that on some things I am ahead of schedule. I recently purchased my first home with my now fiance in August. We painted almost every room in the house before moving into the house in September.

My project will be to paint the laundry room. It is already primed just waiting for color. Which I have already chosen June Day Yellow-Sherwin Williams (leftover kitchen color). I will also be bringing in our dining room table to create a folding station since we don't really have a dining room. I plan to hang some artwork, through in a rug and possibly some type of hanging station for my delicates. I'm thinking either rope or an industrial pipe. Here is the before pic.

Not only will my laundry room be looking fantastic, but this will help clear up my living room since the dinner table is currently in the living room corner and serving as a catch all for junk. I secretly have another project going on as well. Finally finishing our master bedroom floors so we can move our furniture (also in the living room) to the bedroom! I will happily be working on the kitchen project this weekend as well. I have my picture framed and ready to the kitchen.

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/10/14 10:40 AM

Yay!!!! I would like to see garden and container garden content. Creating and cultivating our outdoor living space. Also, I will second the many requests for weekend projects! Looking forward to whatever to even more AT!

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1/5/14 10:12 AM

My first response is disappointment. But I might like it as an accent color. If it was made the star I may feel a bit nauseous at the thought.

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12/5/13 11:58 AM