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A fellow Canadian! I love camping in the same areas as you, as I am living in Calgary.

The Beginner's Guide to Car Camping Tips from The Kitchn
7/27/14 06:39 PM

adorable overload. I must learn how to knit and crochet.

12 DIY Projects & Crafts So Cute You’ll Want to Eat Them All Up
7/19/14 12:11 PM

I did the same thing as you with my small table and chairs, putting one beside the table like that. great way to save space with the table in the corner :)

Love your apartment!

Bronwyn's Small San Francisco Studio House Call
7/15/14 07:00 PM

I'll be sure to keep my eye out for him!

This Robot Means to Hitchhike Across Canada Design News
6/25/14 11:50 PM

I really love #4. the muted colours, and geometric design, it just gets me.

Homespun Modern: 4 Stylish Geometric Quilts
6/13/14 09:15 PM

I too love the mountain painting! And that chair, because I have the same one and absolutely love it. Your slanted ceilings are beautiful!

Anna's Perfect Fit Small Cool Contest
6/5/14 09:39 PM

I moved with mine in my car - and at every overnight stop, I brought them inside the motel I stayed in (there was snow outside). Only one did not survive the move, but it was struggling in the month or two prior to departure. Plus, the air over here is very dry compared to our old home.

A tip, too, from someone I travelled with who was moving a plant: make sure it doesn't tip over in the car!

How To Move Long Distances with Plants
5/31/14 11:56 PM

I found a table like this in the trash too! Mine was more of a cork-like top, with an unbroken round piece of glass. I was going to do the "dipped" style of legs, or just add photos/patterns under the glass for a cute update. But this blows those ideas out of the park!

Unfortunately, I did not actually have space for the teeny tiny table, and gave it to a friend.

Ditto to the above commenters, though! Impressive DIY. Well done :)

Before & After: From Plain to Simple & Scandinavian-Inspired Tripod Side Table
5/18/14 12:25 PM

I've never owned a sofa (yet), but I spent a fair amount of money on my amazing comfy chair - it's from IKEA, the Strandmon chair. And the matching footstool. It cost more than all other furniture in my apartment put together!

I was a student living on part-time minimum wage, but spending my whole paycheck on that chair was so worth it - even though I've had it in storage for a while now because of the smallness of my last rented bedroom (no way would I keep my beloved chair in a common area - that would NOT end well!) and moving again. I'm honestly set on keeping this chair until it disintegrates. I love it.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Sofa?
5/17/14 08:29 PM

I have been a culprit. I have rushed with my purchases. But I have also accumulated things I "settled" on that were gifts. I mean, I am blessed that my family wanted to set me up with everything I needed (or that they think I need) when I moved out on my own, but owning so much "stuff" does become a burden in a way. I have had people buy me full 16-piece dish sets without consulting me, as though a single person moving across the country needs 4 of every type of dish. Same goes for pots and pans, shelves, and small appliances. These are not so small when I was trying to move into a 300 sq foot apartment, moving out there in a shared vehicle!

...okay, rant over. But I guess my point is that one must realize that others may be waiting for the right things, and not to overshower them with kitchen gadgets without their consent. Also, furniture. Don't shower your loved ones with homegoods.

Don't Rush & Don't Settle: Advice on Finding What You Love
5/4/14 01:34 AM

Funny enough, I was in Banff six hours ago! Never picked up any hitch hikers myself, after warnings from relatives, but I bet one could sure meet some interesting people on the road.

Thumbs Up to Safe Hitchhiking Design News
4/29/14 10:19 PM

As a petite girl with an equally petite partner, I would be very happy to share a twin bed with him. It's nice to see the home of another couple who feels the same way. It's also interesting for me to read the comments of those of you who feel differently - I am glad that you know how you sleep best :-)
-I am also a huge fan of the blue. I really like deep blue bedrooms, and had the pleasure of being able to paint the bedroom in my most recent rental place!

Thank you for the revisit of this lovely home!

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan and Solutions from Ashley & Ryan's Happy History
4/29/14 09:57 PM

Timely post! Headed on a 36 hour trip/move sometime this week, unsure of how many stops I will be taking. I'll try to find some audiobooks like many of you are suggesting.

Surviving a Road Trip: 5 Tips to Get You to Your Destination With Your Sanity
4/14/14 02:30 PM

I love the decals too! And Calgary, so much to love about my hometown :) I hope the little one has a great time growing up where I did!

Flynn's Modern Toddler Upgrade My Room
4/12/14 03:30 PM

Since I've moved out on my own, I have had minimal closet space. My first apartment had one corner closet, with the deep part of the 'triangle' being fewer than 2 feet in... try hanging more than a few hangers in there (it really does not work!). So now I have made a garment from pipes as do the crafty folks on Etsy. I 've got to say, I love the piece, and it's a way better custom size and much sturdier than the store-bought ones. I keep it in my bedroom now, which is 6' x 12', and it works pretty well. I also have a small dresser that holds everything else.

I would really suggest making a garment rack, it's super easy. And it can be unscrewed for moving - what a bonus!

Also: kitchen cupboards are great places for sheet sets and extra TP. Those top shelves you can hardly reach? Stash non-kitchen things up there.

How To Deal When Your Closet Isn't in Your Room (or Maybe Isn't Even a Closet)
4/3/14 02:12 PM

This reminds me of the kitchen in my last apartment! The kitchen doubled as an entryway, too, and the door hit the cupboards when it opened, and couldn't open all the way. I could hardly get in with groceries!
Look on the bright side though, you don't have to run across the kitchen to grab a spoon or turn on the stove or something. :)

What's an Annoying Thing About Your Home?
4/1/14 02:44 PM

I think I need that wallpaper. I need walls to put it on first, though!

Trend Watch: Golden Goods
4/1/14 10:15 AM

My bedroom is very similar to that top photo - I feel like I am surrounded by night sky. It's wonderful.

6 Daring, Real-Life Wall Paint Colors to Try From This Week's Top Tours February 3 - 7, 2014
2/10/14 11:01 PM

I'm actually in the process of painting my new-house bedroom a similar blue to #2. I scored a tiny room but it has a south-facing window and decently high ceilings (having a hard time reaching the top of the walls to paint!). It's time for coat #2 of paint, but I'm feeling too lazy... sigh.

How To Go Minimal & Moody Without Seeming Too Dark & Sparse
1/17/14 05:04 PM

I should un-hang (...take down) my artwork soon, as I am moving in the middle of the cure. But I'm going to keep this in mind for my new place - I'll do my own little delayed cure, to get myself set up. Still excited!

Making Your Home Your Own: Prep Artwork for Framing & Display January Cure: Assignment # 6
1/9/14 12:20 PM