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For minor things I would worry to much about it, but just for your safety, I would ask about major changes, because while it might make sense to you, if the landlord doesn't like it he can charge you for returning things to the way the are.

Working on a Rental Without Permission
12/6/12 04:00 PM

I'm afraid I don't live in Philadelphia. The only thing I can offer you is an article on bedbug issues and landlords that might help. Good luck
bed bugs

Bed Bugs: The First Hand Freak Out Account
12/6/12 03:57 PM

Don't jump the landlord for not fixing the problem immediately. We have lives too. I have this one lady a couple of years back who would wait until 20 or 30 days after something had happened to tell me, then got mad that it wasn't immediately fixed. She even wrote me a letter with a copy of the lease saying that the lease agreement says I have only 30 days to fix it. She missed the part about it starting after she informed me apparently.

3 Tips for a Successful Landlord/Tenant Relationship
12/6/12 03:46 PM