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In my 928 sq. ft. home I am able to vacuum or steam clean my living room, kitchen and bath and never have to unplug the cleaner once! I just love it. If I could reach in the kitchen and grab a glass of water without leaving this sofa would really make my day.

Top 10 Ways You Can Tell Your Apartment is Seriously Tiny
6/30/14 05:25 PM

A car ran into my kitchen and laundry room last week and trying to eat was impossible. I was just about to renovate the rooms and had a plan to cook on the dining room table using a hot plate and microwave. After the accident, everything was so chaotic that I had to abandon my initial plan and head to the nearest restaurant. On the bright side, I get a free kitchen renovation!!!

Kitchen Remodeling Tips: How To Survive a Renovation...Without Going Hungry Reader Intelligence Report
3/31/14 06:13 PM