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Dust them with a swiffer duster (the paper lanterns)- the 360 one with the extender? Those things are awesome. Wasteful but awesome. I have something similar for my 2 year old :) I'll figure out my own DIY, super mom washable way (probably just microfiber (washable) on that same 360 swiffer extender- reuse the arm thingy, wash and reuse homemade pads- but we just moved so for now I'll continue to bang my head into the wall trying to squish all my paintings on the walls and still fit family photos! lol Oh HELP me....

Create Lovely Little Nooks for Reading & Sleeping
12/13/12 09:44 AM

My man and I solved the "leather or cloth" issue (he wanted leather, I didn't want to stick to the couch lol) with a combo- our couch, chair, and ottoman have leather on the bottom, around the frame, and we love it. Vegan... lol... ever vegan I've eveyr met has tried to make me believe that carob (that foul chocolate substitute is the "same as chocolate!"- it so isn't. For this reason, hooray for the
cowhide, hope they used all of it- also hope that it's baby made great veal. Mmmm.... now I'm hungry....

Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home
12/13/12 09:21 AM

lol Mike- And what's really going to be funny for the people that buy those feeders? Your friend hosing off all the bird doo from their fabulous patio while thinking "GREAT gift jackhole..." Just kidding, these are pretty things, like the fireplace, but I'm tired of "stuff" too. And those shelves are so buildable (along with the opening frames) that my eye is twitching at the fact that they even LOOK like unfinished 2x4's... That hanging terrarium tho? LUST.

10 Gifts for Small Space Dwellers
12/7/12 09:54 AM

meecee LOL
My son just saw this and flipped out- being 2 he's just had a hand-me-down Cozy Coop (those plastic domed shaped kid cars that are red on the bottom, yellow on the top?)- damn. Visiting this site frequently just made me realize something... WE PO', YO!
Crossing Fingers, but in the event of the non-win, I'm slapping a Batman theme on his Cozy Coop and encouraging the use of his radio flyer wagon. :)

Win: Saab Roadster by Daytrip Society Holiday Giveaway
12/7/12 09:37 AM

Renterforever- AGREED! I stopped reading comments after yours because of the just nit picky, and sorry, snotty, comments I'd read above. Reminds me of those grammer nazis or spelling nazis that sit around leaving epic novels of comments berating someone on their errors in a post or comment. But thanx to the people that while giving their opinions also had constructive advice. Oh, and pretty much everyone's mattes were crap in art school anyway. But I digress...
Thank you for this post- even if things aren't "perfect" this is still helpful for those of us that want to do something on a rainy day (I will be using that weighting tip tho, I forgot all about that from school). And yes, if you don't have the time go to a Hobby Lobby or whatever crafty store in your area- they aren't always cheap at all, but they are a hell of a lot cheaper than online most times.
You perfectionists just keep going to your pros, more power to you, but there is no reason to be mean about it. (I feel like I'm explaining something to my 2 yr old, sheesh.).

How To: Cut a Mat for Framing Artwork
12/5/12 04:09 PM

Round those corners :) My 2 yr old boy would LOVE smashing into things (and people's legs), that's just what boys sometimes do. But this IS really cool, and with a couple of kid friendly tweaks, totally functional.

A Modern Minimalist DIY Ride-On Toy Made By Joel
12/5/12 03:38 PM

My son and I (I'm single mom) just moved into a new house (all ours!) and this would be great. Started coming here for DIY, ideas and articles, and to see all that gorgeous furniture featured here I will never be able to afford! lol (someday) If anyone ever runs a kid's room (toddler) contest someone let me know!! :)

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12/5/12 03:13 PM