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Any idea if you can compost the rhubarb leaves if it will be going back on a garden next year? How long does that toxicity linger?

It's Rhubarb Season, So Here's What You Need to Know! Ingredient Intelligence
5/20/14 10:58 AM

I made this this weekend for the guests who crashed after the bf's 30th birthday. He's Gluten-Sensitive, to I made it wth the America's Test Kitchen flour blend figuring people would be hung over enough if it didn't turn out great with a 1:1 swap. Holy Smokes, it was delicious! So just so everyone knows, it can be made gluten free.

Weekend Breakfast Recipe: The Apple Pancake
5/5/14 09:51 AM

I can't wait to see some creative uses for spent grains for us home-brewing gals!

Introducing Tapped In: A New Beer Column at The Kitchn Tapped In
3/19/14 09:32 AM

While Brewhouse Inn is nice, one would be missing out on hotel conversion in Milwaukee if you didn't check out The Iron Horse at least for a drink. It used to be a warehouse, and have been converted into a industrial chic hotel friendly to the many motorcyclists that go to the near by Harley Davidson museum. It is honestly the most gorgeous hotel I have ever seen. We did my sister's bachelorette party there too. http://www.theironhorsehotel.com/

This Hotel Is In a 19th Century Brewery Design News
3/7/14 04:21 PM

I'm at work, so here's my "Mental Outbox" list for when I get home: Button ups, Aunt Donna's plates, Discover mug, Time Travelers Wife, Reusable bags, Dresses not worn, Skirts too big, Lakefront growlers, Wooden tools, Plastic containers from under sink, Grolsch bottles, extra V8.

Quite the hodge podge I guess

What's In Your Outbox?
1/3/13 11:33 AM