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That book changed my life.

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1981
7/18/14 10:22 AM

Possible solutions:

-- Corner shelves that use tension to stay in place.
-- Command hooks on wall from which you can engineer light load bearing shelves held up by ribbon, rope, cord, etc.
-- Cup hooks in the ceiling to hang "swinging" shelves.

How To Attach Wall Shelves Without Drilling Into Walls? Good Questions
7/16/14 10:40 AM

"Falling in love with" a kitchen tool sounds a little.... well, naughty!

What's the Weirdest Kitchen Tool You've Ever Fallen in Love With? Reader Intelligence Request
7/10/14 10:38 AM

I've always gone the cheap route on vacuum cleaners because I thought, well, vacuuming is vacuuming. Now that two stray cats have taken possession of the place, I upgraded to a Dyson -- the stick kind, very lightweight, refurbished so it was a relative bargain. Having an item that you enjoy using, rather than it being a burden, is certainly worth spending a little more.

Upgrade-Worthy: 5 Cheap Household Items Worth Replacing (When You Can)
7/10/14 10:37 AM

Sardine, Portuguese-style.

The 5 Best Types of Fish for Grilling Tips from The Kitchn
7/1/14 12:58 AM

I had that dresser along with the rest of the canopy bedroom set -- from Sears circa the 1970s. It looks better in mint!

Before & After: A Minty Fresh Dresser Refresh
6/23/14 10:16 AM

I agree - would love to see some itty-bitty entryway ideas for entryways that are actually itty-bitty.

5 Inspiring Small-Space Entryways that Take Up No Space at All
4/29/14 10:32 AM

I find this unpalletable.

A Pallet Pot Rack The Kitchn
4/2/14 10:21 AM

Writing style IS design.

Before & After: Boring Blank Wall Becomes Unbelievable
3/19/14 11:12 AM

Listen, I like the articles, but could we please tone down the Huffington Post-style hyperbolic headlines? This is not "unbelievable" any more than that bookcase in a niche was "surprising."

Before & After: Boring Blank Wall Becomes Unbelievable
3/19/14 10:21 AM

This is delightful.

Before & After: Nicole's Jewelry Box Inspired Dresser Makeover
3/8/14 11:06 AM

I wouldn't want to find myself in there with a hangover.

Before & After: A Floral & Fashionable Bathroom Refresh
3/4/14 11:46 PM

I think I would do a tension rod across the entire bay, with three roman style panels to the floor, so that I could cinch them up individually or all of them to above-the-radiator height or just enjoy the drama of them fully unfurled, like a stage curtain.

Ways To Hang Curtains without Installing Hardware? Good Questions
2/10/14 10:13 AM

I finally succumbed to the "hurricane mop," and it works really well - every couple of days a quick dry mop and once a week I wet the mop and use the little salad spinner it comes with to wring it almost complete dry and really clean the floor. There's no water left behind with this contraption. No cleaning products necessary.

How To Clean Laminate Floors
1/20/14 09:38 AM

It's on sale for $488.75.

Stanley Console by Gus Modern
12/31/13 04:08 PM

This reminds me of that horrible gift that keeps getting passed around in my family every christmas because no one wants it and everybody's trying to get rid of it, and it quickly becomes the family joke (except that some poor cousins and aunties don't find it funny AT ALL).

Rabbit Fur Tea Cozy
12/25/13 10:51 AM

I would really like to win that kangaroo.

Enter for a Chance to Win: Mercer Tufted Loveseat from Canvas Holiday Giveaway
12/19/13 12:15 AM

Too messy for my OCD. I prefer the plastic bottle method.

The Best Way to Separate an Egg is With Your Hands Tips from The Kitchn
11/21/13 10:10 AM

I would rather not get any more of those holiday cards that consist of some generic photo on the front and a hastily scribbled signature inside. I'd rather not get any electronic versions of that, either. But written or emailed, I love to receive photos of the kids or the family and a little note that expresses some pleasure in communicating with a human being, and not just fulfilling some ancient obligation handed down from generation to generation.

Digital Holiday Greetings: About Time or Faux Pas?
11/12/13 10:09 AM

Reminds me too much of the 80s, and I'm trying to forget the 80s.

Color Combo: Pink, Grey, Black & White
10/24/13 04:41 PM