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I always try to tidy a much as possible before I leave so I don't have to do anything when I get back from a trip feeling tired and overwhelmed. It's usually a pleasure to come home--I feel very connected to my own space and appreciate being in a space I control after traveling and spending so much time in limbo/ other people's houses or hotels. The pleasure of coming home helps to mitigate any sadness I might feel about my travels coming to an end.

Easing Back In: Reconnecting to Your Home After You've Been Away
7/22/14 12:17 PM


Before & After: A Dixie Dresser Gets a Dramatic Upgrade
7/22/14 11:09 AM

@Ketzal, that's a good point--this doesn't actually save you from any dish washing but I guess it avoids having dishes pile up in the sink, which is a big deal when you live with a bunch of people.

The Easiest Way to Do Fewer Dishes
7/16/14 10:39 AM

I use my microwave all the time too! I live alone, so I frequently will make a big meal that will last for several days. The microwave is crucial for speed and ease.

How I Replaced My Microwave Without Buying a New One
7/13/14 10:14 PM


Rachel's Mountain View Studio House Call
7/12/14 04:03 PM

Yeah I think pedestal sinks only make sense in powder rooms, where you don't have to have toothbrushes out and there's less need for storage. The lack of counter space drives me crazy!

Rental Woes: Why I Hate Pedestal Sinks
7/10/14 08:09 PM

What a great room! I would have loved this as a little kid. I loved pink so much that when I got a little older I hated it and have only recently (in my 20s) started to embrace it again (on a much more reasonable scale!).

Claire's Pink Palace My Room
6/24/14 03:36 PM

Love it! I love the yellow- yellow is a great color to complement all the natural greenery of a garden

Before & After: A Retro Bowling Ball Holder Gets A New Life
6/20/14 04:33 PM

So beautiful! I love the dining room chairs!

Laurence & Fabrice's Friendly Eclectic Mix House Tour
6/18/14 02:18 PM

I agree, I'm disappointed with the finalists. These are all beautiful apartments but most of them are the products of obviously expensive and extensive renovations to make the small space work well. It would be nice to also have some spaces that people have to make work without being able to afford a renovation, which is a much harder challenge and more in keeping with the spirit of the contest.

Small Cool: The Finalists! Vote Now to Choose the Smallest Coolest Home of the Year
6/17/14 01:36 PM

I love the painting over the fireplace! Beautifully decorated apartment

Maura's Bold Design Elements Small Cool Contest
5/21/14 03:55 PM

I got a round metal table at Target for less than $100 last year (I think it was on sale for 70ish) and bought chairs at Ikea (3 for $20 each, 2 for $40 each). So I got a six piece dining set for less than $250. And it looks super cute--the chairs are bright red and blue, which is nice with the black table.

Top Ten: Best Outdoor Patio Dining Sets Apartment Therapy Annual Guide 2014
5/14/14 12:56 PM

This bed is even more similar:

The Look for Less: Madelyn's Bedroom on a Budget
5/8/14 01:35 PM

I live alone, so I make one cup at a time with my Aeropress. I use pre-ground coffee because of time and space constraints! I actually like French press coffee but the Aeropress is much easier to clean.

What's Your Morning Coffee Ritual? And What Do You Want to Learn About Coffee?
2/18/14 07:20 PM

Really enjoying this today! Not such a fan of the Colours remix (I think the original is dancier) but it's a great playlist!

20 Songs for Dancing in the Kitchen Party Playlists from The Kitchn
2/17/14 04:14 PM

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but in terms of eating oatmeal in the morning, I find that if I have instant oatmeal I get hungry again pretty quickly but if I have rolled oats (which still cook pretty quickly!) I'm full for much longer.

I Tried Mark Bittman's VB6 Diet, and Here's How It Went
1/30/14 07:20 PM

It's beautiful! I love the stripes!

Before & After: Karrie's Antique Dresser Rescue
1/26/14 02:07 PM

I was so worried when i read the title but that is a great makeover! Orange is a very tricky color for furniture but Rita nailed it with the shade and the black hardware.

Before & After: Orange You Glad Rita Refreshed This Craigslist Dresser?
12/20/13 07:39 PM

I second the aeropress! It's lightweight, durable, and not too expensive. Or just buy better coffee and bring it to your parents'!

Humble Cup: Make a Great Cup of Pour-Over Coffee Anywhere You Go
12/16/13 03:41 PM

I love the pillow in the first picture and I think it would look great against the gray wall!

Before & After: Marvellously Moody Dark Fireplace Wall
12/16/13 11:47 AM