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I am also not fan of the fabric, I think it competes with the wood details in an otherwise lovely sofa.

Before & After: A Rococo Revival Professional Project
1/8/14 03:30 PM

My parties took a turn for the better when we bought a vintage 40's bar for the living room. It immediately attracts guests to see my husband over there making a fabulous cocktail just for them. I no longer have to deal with pesky "helpers" or guests gravitating to the kitchen when I am in last-minute mode. And @WendyMR, we always have a fabulous mocktail equal to the signature cocktail we are serving.

5 Things to Do in the Last 30 Minutes Before Your Guests Arrive
11/13/13 05:10 PM

I am deciding whether to live without a microwave - I do use it, but could find alternatives. I just worry about my partner burning the house down trying to reheat food.
I love my immersion blender and got rid of my blender after I realized the immersion blender does the same thing AND is easier to use and clean.
I would not get rid of dishwasher as that is a time and $$ saver. It also does a much beter job of cleaning dishes than anone in my household including me.
After many coffee makers I a reasonably happy with my French Press and live without an electric coffee maker. (For entertaining, it is handy that I live above a coffee shop so I just fill urns there. The French Press is not very good for large scale entertaining.)
I do love my high-end food processor I received for my birthday a few years ago. Do I absolutely need it? Probably not, but it does make cooking a lot more fun. Also, I do bake a lot and make big batches of baking sugar with the Food Processor.
I have thought about a toaster oven only because I heard they save energy, however I can't see dedicating the counter real estate and the $$ to that when i have an oven in my range and a $20 toaster that does the job.

What Appliance Can You Live Without?
7/1/13 01:53 PM

Love the kitchen counters and the reno work on kitchen, and i can't wait to see final results.
But, I have a few questions: 1.) Is this a long term lease? Otherwise, as beautiful as it is, it would seem not worth the investment. 2.) It might be an NYC thing, but I rarely see range hoods or vents for the range. I guess that is OK if you get take-out all the time but not for serious get-down cooking. So can anyone tell me why?

@God is in the Details: Thanks for the fasade tip. I'm ordering this summer!

Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: The End is... in Sight Renovation Diary
4/29/13 09:40 PM

The no-refrigerator in rentals in Los Angeles is true. I do not understand it myself as refrigerators are usually the most difficult things to move (next to a piano). However, when my daughters fridge in her rental (Silverlake) broke down, her landlord pointed out that she was responsible for a new one. When my sister in law was renting out an additional unit, I pointed out that if she included a fridge she could probably charge more rent. She said no one included refrigerators with rentals because tenants always want to bring in their own. Crazy! I've never seen that happen in San Francisco.

Life Lessons: Smart Tips for Determining the Rent You Can Really Afford Renters Solutions
3/26/13 04:13 PM

Nope, just doesn't work. It happens.

Before & After: Third Time's a Charm DIY Cabinet Forever Decorating
12/11/12 01:27 PM

Thanks for the info, rascalqueen. I had just bought one, but returned it after reading your entry and doing some research. I am now looking into the alternatives listed on the global exchange site: http://www.globalexchange.org/economicactivism/sodastream/alternatives

Win: SodaStream Source Bundle Holiday Giveaway
12/11/12 01:19 PM