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I have a set of dryer balls from Etsy. The only thing I found they didn't do well was reduce static in clothes during the winter. I did not want to use dryer sheets, so I soaked the balls in fabric softener (Seventh Generation maybe? Mrs Meyers?) and let them dry before using them again. That really helped with the static.

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4/22/14 02:14 PM

I could definitely use some new clothes since most of mine are too big!

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3/25/14 01:39 PM

I love your rolling cart! What a great idea (and one I think I will be using as well.) Where did you get that cart?

The kitchen looks great!

Christine & Pierre's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
3/14/14 10:11 AM

I've made these delicious pork chops and loved them.

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1/10/14 10:01 AM

I have a FRIHETEN predecessor, the MANSTAD and I bought it specifically for its size in a small apartment. It's comfortable and useful with all the hidden storage and trundle. People who've slept on it tell me it is comfortable (and I've enjoyed napping on it).

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12/5/13 09:50 AM

Gosh I love so many of them. I'd love to put that Curve Appeal in the kitchen or the bathroom.

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10/18/13 11:55 AM

I moved to Texas from the Bay Area a few years ago and strong agree. Miss CA a lot but I can buy a house here, something that never seemed possible out there.

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8/9/13 11:57 AM

I love totinos as well! So glad to not be alone!

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6/18/13 09:52 AM

Charlotte, pretty sure you can't put radiant heat under regular hardwood, only engineered.

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6/12/13 01:57 PM

I can't stand the smell of World's Best. Tried it, and it was unbearable. Wet cornmeal. Ick.

I use EverClean and I have a top entry box (Clever Cat). The worst of the tracked litter is caught by the top of the box, and the rest ends up in the general vicinity of the box.

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5/2/13 10:56 AM