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Looks gorgeous! I don't think the arms and legs not matching is a big deal, to be honest, I barely noticed. I love it.

Before & After: Beat Up Chair Finds Way Back to Beauty
4/9/14 10:45 AM

That color is awesome! And I too wonder about the sink, I have the exact same kind and it is so hard to just make it LOOK clean. No matter how much I clean it, it always looks dirty and discolored.

Before & After: A Stylish Bathroom Transformation
11/22/13 10:24 AM

I recently experienced a burglary at my apartment, which is one of four units in a very old house in a historic neighborhood. I came home to find both doors locked and my TV, DVD player, laptop, Kindle, and a guitar missing. I was incredibly upset and wondered how they got in (maybe picked the lock or through a window, with everything meticulously replaced). When I called my landlord, he seemed unconcerned and said if I "wanted to change the locks, that was up to me." Then he proceeded to tell me about how he thought it was probably the guy living upstairs from me, since he knew he was kind of shady and had pawned his boyfriend's stuff only a few days before and was moving out the next day! I'm not sure if he expected me to go upstairs and demand to be let in to this guy's apartment to look for my stuff or what, but I'm horrified at the idea that my upstairs neighbor that I saw all the time, who had moved in less than a month before, would go through my whole apartment and take so many of my things, and at the fact that my landlord told me it was probably him but that there was really nothing I could do about it. I told the police about it but they didn't care either. I really want to move.

That being said, I'm always jealous of people who have friendly and caring neighbors. I've never had nice or considerate neighbors in any of the apartments I've lived in.

Neighbor Loyalty: Sacred Bond Or Naiveté?
7/9/13 01:36 PM

It was the "Isunda Gray" or something like that. It was just available on the website the other day when I was browsing, but now I see it's gone. I was thinking of buying that one, too.

Styling From Scratch Round Two:
Living Rooms IKEA

6/21/13 01:28 PM

I'm going to a wedding next month for a co-worker/friend (not an extremely close friend). Since we sit together at work I was invited to the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, and the wedding, and there was a gift expected at each. How much money am I expected to spend on this? I'm seriously asking. I went in with a co-worker on a gift (about 75 dollars) for the shower, then received an invite to the bachelorette party that specifically asked to bring a gift (underwear type stuff, but still), then I have the wedding coming up, which specified on the invitation that they would prefer money for gifts. I mean, really? It seems excessive. None of my friends ever get married so admittedly I'm probably not up-to-date on my wedding etiquette, but I was just wondering if this was the norm. I should also add that they are a couple who have been together for several years and live together in a condo they purchased, so it's not as if they're strapped for home necessities.

Wedding Etiquette:
5 Rules to Keep and 5 to Toss

6/11/13 02:42 PM

I love this apartment! So adorable. I'm in Indianapolis in a really old apartment too, which part of town are you?

Megan's Revived & Renewed Small Cool Contest
5/15/13 02:36 PM

This is so perfect. I'm in love.

Ellen's Walk-In Closet Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/19/13 03:17 PM

This looks so gorgeous. Beautiful job! But I'm genuinely confused as to how anyone could think the allover knotty pine sauna/ski lodge look from before was better, especially for a NURSERY. Oof.

Before & After: Baby E's Nursery Life in Bridgetown
3/12/13 12:37 PM

But the before was so much better!!!

Just kidding, this looks so awesome, you did a really great job. I don't have any upper cabinets in my kitchen and I'm not upset about it. You have a beautiful kitchen!

Before & After: Andrew's Long Time Coming Bungalow Kitchen Update
3/8/13 01:06 PM

Love. The red, black, and white tiles remind me of Q*Bert!

Before & After: Istanbul Hotel Bathroom Freshens Up
3/4/13 11:49 AM

Can't believe anyone would think this is offensive or racist (?). I wouldn't be offended if someone came up with a list like this for words in English.

I only got half of these correct. Fail.

Can You Identify Real IKEA Product Names Vs. Made Up Words? College Humor
2/28/13 11:04 AM

I love this place so much. Great tour! I really want that coffee table.

Jeff's Super Small & Stylish Guest House House Tour
2/26/13 03:27 PM

They look beautiful! Well done!

Before & After: Maria's Craigslist
Cane Chair Makeover

2/22/13 01:48 PM

I love the combination of the green tiles as a backsplash with the cabinets and the gray floor tiles. It looks awesome.

Before & After:
A Brooklyn Kitchen Opens Up The Sweeten

2/15/13 11:08 AM

Ugh, can someone post ONE MORE TIME about how the poster should have told the landlord first? Geez. It's already done.

It looks a million times better, and cleaner. Much brighter. I like it.

Before & After: A Brooklyn Kitchen Gets New Subway Tile Brooklyn To West
2/15/13 11:05 AM

Super cute. I love the abacus with the little birds! And I would much rather see a home like this than something that looks like a page out of a perfectly staged mid century modern catalog.

Kate Payne's Warm East Austin Home House Tour
2/11/13 05:47 PM

Love it! The "before" fabric is hideous and so terribly bland. Good job.

Before & After: Charlotte's Craigslist Chairs Get Chevron-ed
2/11/13 05:40 PM

I'm sorry but I love those sills too! They look nice and wide and look like they're easy to clean - I live in a really old house and sometimes I wish that I had windowsills like this to put my plants on! If you really hate them I would suggest just putting a bunch of potted plants on them, nobody would notice the sills then.

Ideas For Covering Windowsills in Rental? Good Questions
2/11/13 05:36 PM

I too hate the forced participation in games. Maybe I just want to sit on a comfy couch and talk with my friends, or watch a movie with them, without being bullied into playing something (usually a drinking game). Even worse: the bullying with the addition of a guilt trip after I've politely declined the demand that we all play a game. "But we need one more person! Come on!" GEEEZ do I ever hate that. I hate being made to feel like I'm being a bummer because we're grown-ass adults and I don't want to play Beer Pong and Flippy Cup.

That being said, I wish that my friends were more into playing actual board games, because I would love to have a Scrabble or Risk night!

Games: Good Fun or a Party Foul?
2/7/13 05:15 PM

I HATE the constant checking of the smart phones for Facebook or Twitter or whatever. I hate that my friends/co-workers will be in the middle of a conversation with me and their phone will buzz and they'll completely stop talking, pick it up, and start fooling around with it instead of just waiting a few minutes and then checking it. So rude and annoying. I have a friend who is constantly texting and checking in everywhere and posting everything on facebook and I want to smack the phone out of their hands. I don't have a smart phone and everyone teases me for having an old phone but I can't stand that crap.

The Disappointing Trend of Connected Disconnect CES 2013
1/18/13 11:25 AM