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Haha I love the "you look FINE" above the mirror in the first one!

No More Matchy-Matchy Bathroom Decor: Unexpected Looks
1/22/14 06:36 PM

3/4 inch matte white hex tile at $6/sqft came to roughly $150. I haven't bought any grout or tools yet, as we haven't actually installed yet!

How Much Did it Cost to Buy & Install Your Tile Kitchen Backsplash? reader intelligence request
1/20/14 12:51 PM

If you wanted to go even cheaper with the lamp, Target has a similar brass one for like, 60 bucks (although it is less similar to the top one)

One Design, Two Budgets: An Organic Modern, Eclectic Living Room
1/19/14 03:56 PM

This summer we ripped up our carpet to discover old beat up spruce floor boards underneath - they had been painted around the edges of the living room and were thin strips in the hall and wide ones in the living room - we decided to paint them a matte blue-black colour...it looked fantastic at first, but our dog and cat now have them destroyed after just a few months.

We did all the labour ourselves so it only ended up costing around $100 in paint and supplies. It was also awful and messy.

IF I had my time back, I would have paid someone else to refinish them properly or just laid new on top of it.

How Much Did It Cost To Buy & Install Your Hardwood Floors? Reader Intelligence Request
1/18/14 01:30 PM

I sort of did this last weekend instead of the kitchen...was putting it off! I guess I'll tackle the kitchen this week? Ugh...kitchen renos start next month so I really should just get it done and over with (except I'm not scrubbing down cupboards that are getting trashed in a few weeks)

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Bedroom Cleaning & Wardrobe Organizing The January Cure: Assignment # 12
1/18/14 11:16 AM

I also agree with not stressing a dog/cat out with a new name when adopting a shelter pet. We got our dog Banjo from a situation where he changed homes 5 times in a month, so we stuck with the consistent name from the fosters that we knew. It turns out it fits him totally so it works!

Our cat was part of a large hoarding rescue, so we got to name him and took about a week to settle on Louis :)

Most Popular Pet Names in 2013 Design News
1/13/14 06:28 PM

@Bison65 Do Ontarians typically deck their cottages in Canadiana? I am Canadian (Newfoundlander) and I don't think it's odd at all that there isn't any can-con (so to speak) in the place - most people around here don't decorate their cabins in that manner either so why would you expect it of Americans? I think it's a cute kitchen :)

My Family's Lakeside Canadian Cottage Kitchen Kitchen Tour
11/22/13 08:37 PM

I would love to get a small Viking similar to this when I do my kitchen this winter! Alas, there is no natural gas on this island (and I'd actually prefer it stay that way). Love the brass hood too!

A Beautiful Brass Hood in Brooklyn Kitchen Inspiration
11/22/13 01:39 PM

It seems everyone here has the same sort of stuff hanging around - general antipasto ingredients. I usually have something similar! cheeses, dips/spreads, olives, pickled veg, crackers or bread :) As for a quick meal, it would probably be a tomato based pasta something or other! A berry/apple/whatever fruit is on hand crisp is my go to dessert...no time to throw together and is best served right out of the oven!

What Do You Serve an Impromptu Guest?
11/12/13 11:30 AM

first owls, then foxes, now narwhals? why must the people who start these ''trends" constantly use adorable animals?? i don't want to get sick of looking at narwhals - they are awesome!

Artful Arctic: Narwhal Decor
11/12/13 11:21 AM

Love the wood pellet boiler! My dad was a forester and big into forestry management. They have one in their house, and it gives off the best, most amazingly warm heat :)

Mark's Zero Carbon Eco House House Tour
11/6/13 12:13 PM

hahah "cottages". those are rowhouses in downtown st. john's, not cottages! a fishing shack looks like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dibytes/7723400400/

Exterior Inspiration: Colorful Row Houses Around the World
10/21/13 07:16 PM

I made this recipe probably 7 years ago, and it was amazing. Probably my favourite chicken recipe ever. I don't eat meat now (only fish), but if I was to cheat, this would be the dish to cheat with

Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk Is Probably the Best Chicken Recipe of All Time Recipe Review
10/19/13 09:04 PM

davids teaaaa!

What's Really in That Delicious Cup of Tea You're Sipping Right Now?
9/9/13 04:43 PM

I had a similar sandwich at a cafe in my area! There was red onion on it as well, and the goat cheese was just plain, but it was soooo goood!! I had it grilled on the panini press. mmmm

Recipe: Roasted Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese & Arugula Sandwiches Recipes from The Kitchn
9/7/13 08:55 PM

Yep didn't finish and not close. But, it's started and that's something!! I will get my butt in gear next time around and stick to the schedule.

I am loving all the before and afters posted by everyone too!!! Fun stuff:)

Day 21: Take Your \"After\" Photos (and Our Livebloggers Reveal their Rooms!) Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/30/13 07:22 AM

Guys, I failed miserably with the whole Cure this month. I got the room painted I guess, but I really didn't do anything else...no DIY or buy, no art on the walls, hell the furniture is still in the hallway! And I feel like it's not going to get done anytime soon either :(

Day 20: The Final Touch - Hang Artwork Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/28/13 04:10 PM

Thanks guys! We are gonna try an electric sander

Day 15: Free Day! Catch Up or Get Ahead Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/23/13 07:13 AM

Ok so we ripped up the carpet and primed/painted a new subfloor (it was in rough shape). My bf wanted a seamless look, so we filled the cracks between the plywood with woodfiller. problem is, he put big globs of wood filler on like it was drywall compound, then tried to sand it down. then he primed over it, and now it looks like someone did a really (really) bad spackle job on the floor! plus, it's already been primed so it can't be sanded down anymore!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's sooo ugly and lumpy...I would throw a rug over it, but I can't afford one right now. I'm so angry too, because I told him it would look bad like that and the spot I did does look seamless!!

Day 15: Free Day! Catch Up or Get Ahead Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/21/13 11:11 AM

@ Jeoffry she probably used BIN 123 primer/sealer. It is amazingly good at sealing the mostly everything.

Before & After: A Tame IKEA Tarvis Gets a Chic Upgrade Smitten Studio
8/21/13 11:02 AM