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My biggest design challenge as a renter is the restriction we have (in almsot all rentals in Australia) that we may not attach ANYTHING to the walls. This means no hooks (even removable ones), shelves, anything... Painting walls - ha! That's a dream of mine.

If anyone has suggestions how to overcome this, I'd love to hear!

Can't wait to buy our own home. I understand that the property belongs to the owner, yet we are excellent tenants and pay good money to rent these homes - but are never really able to 'live' in them, they always feel temporary. Renting in this country comes with so many restrictions that you never really can feel at home.

Design Challenges for Renters | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/19/10 11:47 PM

Love the curtains from Kayla's apartment. Anyone know where to get something similar?

Looking forward to the full tour!

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11/3/09 07:49 PM

I'm with you, Cholette. Some of us just don't have the luxury of painting the walls, as much as we'd really love to. It would be fantastic to see some ideas for dealing with this. Particularly in rentals!

Apartment Therapy Boston | 10 Tips: A Grown-Up Home (For Less!)
8/20/09 12:24 AM

discomonkey, it's much the same in Australia. They charge you a fortune to forward your mail for only a short time, and you never get half of it anyway. I try to change it on things myself so less Australia Post forwarding is required, but there's always a few things that you forget.

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8/5/09 10:30 PM

Fantastic idea!

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7/31/09 07:08 AM

Looks great! I'd also like to know the designer of the curtain fabric, if anyone knows? Thinking it'd look good in my kitchen too..

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7/31/09 07:04 AM

Oh, and Marie, Australia's a great place to live! ..as long as you don't rent!

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4/21/09 12:37 AM

I'll second that jen of the north!! Would LOVE to see more ideas that don't involve painting. As much as I'd like to paint, we don't all have that luxury..

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: Are You Allowed to Paint?
4/21/09 12:33 AM

enmnm, I can only really speak for where I live in Australia, but what would happen for me if I painted without asking is that I'd likely lose most of, if not all, the bond I paid when I moved in (about $1000 - Australian dollars) and probably also get put on the black list that real estates use to check prospective tenants for the owners. I know I couldn't afford to lose about $1000 for each property lived in and being blacklisted here makes it very difficult to rent future properties because a lot of owners will simply not rent to you. We also usually have property inspections every 3 months at first and every 6 months after you've been there awhile, so simply changing things back when you move isn't an option.

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: Are You Allowed to Paint?
4/17/09 10:46 PM

For some reason the page won't let me submit my vote.

In my experience (and everyone else I know who rents), here in Australia it's always stated in the rental agreement that we have to get permission to do ANYTHING to the property.

I can't imagine ever being allowed to paint. It's much stricter here, unfortunately. In our last place the only thing we did was put up a few things on the walls with removable hooks and the real estate agents still insisted on taking money out of our bond for a tiny little chip of the wall paint from one of the hooks, a weed in the courtyard, the oven not being clean enough (according to them), and a few other equally ridiculous things. I had spent a week cleaning the place from top to bottom. So, being able to paint is a dream of mine that won't come true until hubby and I buy a home.

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4/17/09 09:16 PM

Anyone have ideas for a small-space rental home???

I've recently moved into one and am finding organisation difficult, since my husband and I cannot build in storage, put shelves up etc, as we would if we owned the house. We love the place, but it has very little storage (actually, almost none!).

Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

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1/16/09 06:44 AM

Am I the only one finding the caption "Laura standing by her front door reaching over to her 'landing strip'" a little odd? Or maybe I'm just too juvenile...

The place looks great Laura. Well done on doing so much with such a small space.

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11/12/08 02:47 PM

Or, in a similar vein, putting some doors on the front of the cart (since the sides aren't really seen) could work. Nice job.

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10/31/08 06:09 PM