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FYI - Westpfal is now (August 27, 2008) located at 115 W. 25th St., between Fifth and Sixth Aves. The phone number is the same.

Apartment Therapy New York | Henry Westpfal: Knife Man
8/27/08 09:12 AM

Love the angel...and I don't even like angels! Beautiful home.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF House Tour: Daniel's Collection of Travel and Art
2/6/08 04:49 AM

oatmeal - steel cut oats cooked in my rice cooker overnight

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | It's Friday: What Did You Have For Breakfast?
12/14/07 12:42 PM


Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Gift Bag 2007: Organic Cotton Fireside Throw from Gaiam
12/12/07 03:19 PM

I would love this for my sewing

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: 3 Pro Compact Steamers from Rowenta
12/4/07 05:49 PM

Beautiful poem, and beautiful story! You put a smile on my face on a bad night.

Apartment Therapy - Meditation: On Snow and Milkweed
12/2/07 04:51 PM

Just don't store apples, onions, and potatoes together (near one another) - they make each other spoil.

Apartment Therapy - Apple Racks at
11/13/07 05:16 PM

It takes a lot of energy to make (and ship) stuff.

July is Green Home Month!
7/30/07 09:24 AM

I use small clear glass Anchor Hocking containers to keep cut fruit and veggies fresh (like lemons or onion) - they're sort of like square bowls with a glass lid. The lid probably isn't 100% airtight, but no detectable odors leak out (I would definitely have noticed if my fridge had gotten onion-y: yuck).

They're really cheap (I think mine were around $4), cute, dishwasher safe, and best of all, they're NOT plastic.

Hot or Not: Tupperware's Forget Me Not
7/29/07 12:20 PM

Whoa - I LOVE the water dish! I've never seen anything like it. Where did you get it/the idea?

Outdoor Home: Affinity's Glass Walls
7/2/07 11:32 AM

A simple cooler is functional and uses much less plastic that the item at issue here. Also, a simple cooler is unlikely to break. My point is not that cold drinks should not be enjoyed at picnics.

This item looks like it would fall apart after a summer or two of use (fewer moving parts, please), and then it ends up in a landfill. Are "Rolling Cooler/Picnic Tables" the best use of our limited resources?

Multi-function Cooler from Target
6/19/07 11:53 AM

That's more than a cooler, yes? Not very efficient design.

Multi-function Cooler from Target
6/19/07 11:20 AM

It's not just that it's's that it's made of lots of plastic. What's wrong with a (sustainable) cloth blanket and wicker basket? Or aren't people flexible enough to sit on the ground?

Multi-function Cooler from Target
6/19/07 11:17 AM