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Okay, this makes me wonder: if these recipes are considered "lunches", you all must have some AMAZING vegan/vegetarian dinners! So please help me, why do you consider these "lunches", and what are your "dinner" recipes?!

15 Satisfying Vegan Lunch Recipes to Energize Your Day Recipes from The Kitchn
3/10/14 03:21 PM

Maybe it is because I've got my own business that keeps me working long hours, but my husband does most of the laundry and he also did most of the cleaning before we got a cleaning person. I do most of the grocery shopping and cooking because I care about food quality more, and prefer to cook than going out for dinner. We share yardwork and repairs, each doing the things that come naturally to us.

Women: there is a simple solution to cleaning inequity: stop picking up the slack! It simply is NOT your job. Let it get to a point where you can't take it anymore, and then agree that Thursday evening you'll both spend 1 hour cleaning. Or Saturday morning you'll spend 2 hours cleaning because you want to have a dinner party. Or you'll clean while he does some other household chore that you don't want to do. But it HAS to be viewed as a shared responsibility, and anything less than that is you not valuing your time.

The Battle of the Sexes Continues: Does It All Come Down to The Dishes?
12/18/13 12:39 PM

I made these, and they were tasty, but they became one big mushy mess. You couldn't separate one from the other, and they tore too easily to retain their rolled shape. Pretty unsightly. However, I did assemble them in the crockpot at 8am before work, and then refrigerated them till 4. Was that the problem?

Easy Dinner Recipe: Slow-Cooker Black Bean Enchiladas
4/4/13 04:46 PM