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I live in Manhattan. After the one time I spent over $100 shopping online for clothes I thought I had a need for, I vowed never to shop online again. Except for a book I haven't. Staying out of the stores is even easier if you remember what is involved in moving, as I did after a long time in one apt.

What is the point of life? Things? Get outside and walk...while you can. Many people are going to be slowed down as they age, so have fun and be free of too many items.

Your jewelry will be there when you're not!

How To Cut Down on Impulse Purchases, Save Money, and Buy Things You Really Like
7/22/14 01:07 PM

Tested 2 at Sleepy's in 2011. Got one brand developed for Marriott. The idea that there is extra firmness on the sides made sense to me. Always sleep well on their mattresses and could recycle the pillow topper I had been using on the mattress from 1996. Also always buy a new box spring with the mattress. Otherwise your consumer rights might be less too. It makes all the difference when you think it's your back, it might be as simple as a new box spring.

Lessons Learned: Reliving Maxwell's
\"A Year in Bed\"

3/10/13 06:24 PM

Put your email in the gray box. I clicked on it before I did and got that error message also.

Join Us & Get Organized in 2013:
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12/19/12 03:41 PM

My reading nook by my NYC apt window was my best idea. Where the landline is too. What wasn't as great an idea, great furniture because we had some growing up. Impetus at the Door Store sales in 2011 but did get a great armoire. DS was literally across the street. Hired mover to deliver donation pieces, it is a fussy world of here, and it needed to be done on my schedule. Mailed containers I didn't need to my niece. Bring books when I visit people, good discipline for keeping things moving. And will sell even one book at a time if want to take a walk with purpose.

Know Thyself: Setting Realistic Decorating Expectations
11/30/12 03:14 AM