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Bought some swivel stools from Hudson Goods based on this article. The design was a great replica of the real deal but the quality of the pieces was comparable to something one would find at a Target store at most: low quality materials and poor craftsmanship showed everywhere (light weight, wobbly, etc.). When I called to discuss the issue, Mr. Miller was very accommodating and offered to replace them for a better quality stool at the same price and pay for return shipping of the lesser quality stools. But how exactly can you get two items of a completely different quality for the same price from the same company? Mr. Miller explained that it was a matter of having the pieces manufactured elsewhere with lower quality materials vs made locally with better materials. I wasn't about to risk finding out if/how that is possible. All said and done I lost $105 in shipping charges and no furniture to show for it. I bought a beautiful pair of Toledo stools from Restoration Hardware -- for only $100 more each -- that are worth every penny in style and quality.

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