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Lovely, confident use of red! It's striking how the repetition and continuity of the color makes it seem appropriate for the space, rather than jarring as it might have been with just a few timid accents.

Kathie's Bohemian Live/Work Space House Tour
5/6/14 03:18 PM

I think it's a bit extreme to label the critics of this makeover as "haters." So far, I haven't read any comments that personally attack or belittle Claire. At their best, sites like should encourage people to think about different approaches to their living space, to find what works for them. Part of that should be respectful discussion of the pros and cons of what others have done. Before committing the time and money to any project, I like to read the comments to see it there might be other ways to go about it, advantages and downsides I might not have thought of. Now, people who just say "Hideous," etc. are not contributing to the discussion, but those who point out why they prefer the original, or other options for the redo, are not haters and should not be discouraged, IMO.

Before & After: Claire's Contrasting Credenza Makeover
1/13/14 10:50 AM

I would paint it. If you are keeping the wall colors the same, use the color of the lower part of the wall. If you are painting the entire wall a new color, use white or grey. Search this blog or for "painted brick fireplace" photos for inspiration and reassurance that simple is good! I would not face the brick with stone oreven a "faux" product for several reasons: 1. it would look busy and a bit overwhelming in a room that size, 2. it would spoil the somewhat mid-century simplicity of the fireplace, and 3. it would be very hard to remove should a future owner prefer the simpler look. If you are not going to use it as a fireplace, remove the screen and grate, but don't change the "innards", again in case a future owner wants to use it as a fireplace. You can put anything you like in there for decor. I like the idea of a sculpture or even a sculptural piece of driftwood, to reference the former function of the firebox.

Makeover Ideas for Brown-Painted Fireplace? Good Questions
5/9/13 08:38 AM

Light, light, and more light. There are very few herbs that do not need direct sunlight. Even if this is a south facing window, there may be trees or an overhang outside that cut down on the amount of light that is coming through the glass. The glass itself, especially UV glass, also cuts down on the amount of light the plants receive. I am able to grow rosemary inside over the winter in an unobstructed east facing window, but it really limps along until I can get it outside again. Artificial light helps if it is close enough to the leaves (just a few inches away.)
The soil should be loose and fast draining. Most herbs prefer to be on the dry side, so water infrequently, but when you water you need to be sure the water gets to the entire root system. So I disagree with the advice not to flood the plant. Take the pot to the sink and water it enough so water runs all the way out the bottom, and let it drain before putting it back on its saucer. Do not allow any water to sit in the saucer below the plant. Then let the soil dry out to an inch below the surface of the soil before watering again. This could be in a few days; it could be over a week. It depends on the temperature and humidity of the room, the type of soil, and the size of the pot in relation to the root ball.
If the window they are in is very cold and the soil is damp, they might rot, but on the other hand they should not be too close to a heat source.
I hope all this helps!

Tips for Healthy Indoor Herb Garden? Good Questions
2/13/13 12:18 PM

They are so functional and much more interesting than an ordinary molding. Make the most of them!

Ideas For Covering Windowsills in Rental? Good Questions
2/11/13 05:01 PM