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Why not hang a big, seasonally appropriate wreath (or barn quilt, depending on the house's rurality) in the spot to distract from the mis-matched brick? Cheap, easy, and lets you save until you can have the window replaced.

What To Do with Unsightly Bricked-Over Window? Good Questions
9/17/13 12:57 PM

Bad link on #3 (pendant lamp).....redirects to the iphone cushion

10 Small Ways to Decorate Around Your Desk With Color
9/10/13 11:57 AM

We just picked up an orange Majestic Freestanding fireplace...it was kind of next to someone's burn pile (Iowa) and we weren't sure if this was something that was waiting for Large Item Pick-up day. Offered them $40 for it and walked away with an awesome piece.

What's Your Best Curb Find Ever?
8/30/13 09:54 AM